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The People's Score

I've been playing this game now since the launch date and it's an incredible experience, the amount of content involved in this game is phenomenal. However, the game does have its downfalls but they are minor, specially considering how bad people review this game. The game is being slated for such stupid reasons, therefore I am writing this review.
Bad stuff first:
Price you pay.. they could at least make the game itself £30 or F2P after purchasing. Generally I do not like spending more than £20 for a game, though I made Elder Scrolls an accept ion and was pretty surprised. Yeah, it's good fun; but you should not buy this game if you're going in for "a new WoW MMO". You will be disappointed.
I personally prefer playing this game alone and questing. The multiplayer is somewhat irrelevant, boring and frustrating at times, specially when players are doing the quests you are playing.

World bosses are scattered around the lands and they are easy, boring and give very little satisfaction.
PvP is good, but it's basically a world vs world cut from GW2. Hopefully Zenimax will apply world PvP or some unique hack and slash arena content later to this game to make PvP more exhilarating.
Good Stuff:
Combat mechanics are really good and it's a new implement to an MMO, I like not using a cursor to click and attack, its a major bonus to the game.
I have only stumbled across one bug and people say "the game is very buggy". This is Bollo****. It doesn't make the game bad at all, the developers will obviously fix these minor issues so stop typing nonsense. The bug I encountered was a quest NPC who instead of speaking English, spoke German; it was quite funny tbh.
The landscapes are beautiful and you can tell they put a lot of time in to creating this.
So many quests are on the menu to choose from which are voiced and have decent story lines to them. Some of the quests include single player boss fights which separate you from other players and I really enjoyed this as there is tactical fights which are fairly hard.

All in all, I have had a really good experience in this game and I would recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy adventure. Do not enter this game expecting an amazing MMORPG, because in all fairness; for the price you pay, it's really not.
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Average User Score for this Game: 6.7

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