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  1. Sep 18, 2014
    It is like The Walking Dead crossed with World War Z. Better than nothing, worse than anything I've been following. BTW being so stupid about that baby zombie questions how the soldier survived for three years, besides the scenes being just absurd. And the black guy was one of the firsts to die. I mean come on! Full Review »
  2. 6
    This Season is where the show seems to be shaping up and embracing the metaplot more. There's some strong UFO episodes, some strong monster of the week episodes, and even one episode that plays around with the format some to keep things interesting (the novelist one). Full Review »
  3. 4
    I didn't like how Season 2 started off very much. In fact, I wouldn't say that this was a very strong season. At one point when watching I took a long break, and even when I came back to the show I only watched one episode at a time for quite a while until things started to pick back up in season 3. Full Review »
  4. 5
    As with most introductory seasons for a science fiction show, there's some good stuff and bad stuff and it all shows up unpredictably. Usually the writers, actors, directors, etc are all working out what's the best way to use the setting to tell good stories, and that shows here as well I think. Plus, there are some issues with pacing that you get with early 90s shows in general. The style then was usually more comfortable with padding out scenes, and you can sometimes feel it, even when it's a "monster perspective" type of shot that's supposed to be tense. Full Review »
  5. NBC! Are you kidding me? Someone slipped a grammar school writing project onto the programmer's desk and he bought it? This juvenile show is an insult to just about everyone. I tried to be fair and stick through with this thing to the end. II almost did, but sheer disgust forced me to click on the ERASE button a few minutes before the end. I probably missed the best part of the show -- the credits, listing the brave, but clearly incompetent, people who put this thing on the air.

    Oh yes. I did not like "The Mysteries of Laura".
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