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  1. 7
    it is rotin thar whit and pinkman into the oroblem and kill somone and free.after a week the try to cook someyhing and each season the tried to work someone and he want to kill me white and white kill him. it is reptation Full Review »
  2. Oct 25, 2014
    This show had so much going for it. A ready made fan base in a very interesting world. But there are a multitude of problems.

    Besides Jim
    Gordon, there really aren't any characters that are either likeable or unlikeable. Gotham PD (the good guys) are chock-full of thugs and crooked cops. Major Crimes (the rivals) are more honest, and in my opinion, sympathetic than GCPD. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Even Gordon (The main character) suffers from truly unlikeable faults. It isn't a matter of any character being an anti-hero or complex- it is simply a matter of every character being somebody you don't want to see.

    In addition to poor characters, there is a myriad of other problems with this show. Some of the acting is well done, but the show suffers from abysmal writing and despite being a huge comic book fan, as much as I tried, I simply could not bring myself to like anything about this show.

    All I could think every episode I tried watching was "Is Batman here yet? This is beyond saving. Maybe Ra's al ghul is right."
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  3. Loved it, just loved it. Loved the first pilot and the new one. I expect high from this show, becauase I love the Hellblazer and Justice LEague Dark comics, and it would be fantastic if this show gets to be connected to the Guilermo del Toro JLD film. Full Review »
  4. It's a decent show. Not great by any means, but it's an enjoyable way to waste an hour. It's campy at times, and the lead actor is, simply put, bad. Still, the supporting cast (especially David Bradley) is strong and most of the effects outside of the Master's look are pretty good. There are also some genuinely scary moments. It's a quality summer show. Full Review »
  5. I like John Mulaney, and I think he's a funny stand-up. I really wanted to like this show, but I don't think I can stomach anything past the pilot. It has the pieces of a decent sitcom, but it couldn't put those pieces together into anything coherent. It tries too hard to be Seinfeld, and really only had a few genuinely funny moments. If I hear that it turns around I might give it another shot, but as of now I'm just not feeling it. Full Review »