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  1. Oct 30, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. Season 2 is already a step in the right direction, it can only get better from here. I just hope they explore the earth not get stuck in a endless loop of camping in the forest. Full Review »
  2. With the mystery involving the suicide of Mary Alice explained this second season introduced new characters and new plots into the mix. It still mostly made for a fun watch but, for me at least, this was the shows worst season as the writers attempted to stick too closely to template set out in the shows debut season but were never able to make the central mystery anywhere near as interesting. Full Review »
  3. Desperate Housewives was undeniably uneven throughout its eight season run but this first season was great viewing. Yes, it is outlandish and unrealistic, but it was always fun to watch and the central mystery surrounding the suicide of (narrator) Mary Alice Young certainly made sure I came back episode after episode. Full Review »
  4. After a four year absence 24 is back and nothing much has really changed. Many of the issues that affected later seasons in particular (from moles inside the government to people putting their personal issues ahead of anything else) are still to be found here, even if they are mitigated slightly by the fact that this season has twelve, rather than the usual twenty-four episodes.

    After a slowish start however Live Another Day really hits top gear and makes for fantastically exciting viewing with all the gun fights, car chases, plot twists and cliff-hangers fans have come to expect. The show may not be as ground breaking as it once was but it great to have Jack back on our screens.
    Full Review »
  5. It's fresh, it's bold, it works. All of the characters have the ability to create or insinuate humour in their own right. This makes for considerable cast chemistry that is easily recognisable throughout. The individual storyline's are creative and easily indulged in. The show is original and flaws cannot be found in this department. The comedy is fluent, at times stupid but still laughable. This is were the show should and does shine. The rave reviews surrounding Brooklyn's 99th precinct were certainly not for nothing. There is something about Brooklyn Nine-Nine that sticks with you, it's ability to cause impulses of laughter is only a small part of this. The main reason is the way that the cast chemistry transfers effectively to character interaction, building the bases for which the show's entire comedic presence can be thoroughly felt. Full Review »