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  1. One of the best shows on TV, watch noe. Keep in mind this show is very mature in it's content and is not for everyone but is well worth watching. Geat show, watch now.
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  2. This show was extremely clever, well written and had some great acting by Agent Mulder. Very funny stuff, hot girls, good actors.... probably the best comedy on TV for a long portion of its run. If you are a SQUARE / PRUDE / NOT FUNNY / DOUCHEBAG/ IN AN OLD AGE RETIREMENT HOME you will not like this show like some reviews below. Full Review »
  3. Oct 23, 2014
    Top notch show in my books... although the last season was somewhat disappointing, and the final episode SUCKED in comparison to the shows that were popular/ ending around the same time. Much love to season 4 though, so epic. Full Review »
  4. If you somehow didn't get on the bandwagon for the last season, you missed out huge. Don't let it continue, watch it all! This whole show is great, but the last season is the best entertainment I have ever seen with my own 2 eyeballs. Full Review »
  5. Concept of series is good. Special effects done really well. Acting is good for the young stars. The plot and believable nature of the actors is NOT good, however. A teen with powers is NOT going to hang around his barely functional family and try to hold school, job, life issues with stability. The antagonist uncle would not just keep his nephew around as a double agent. The tomorrow people would NOT allow themselves to be used by these people.

    Just a terrible job of writing. Those that say this is a good series are being influenced by other equally bad shows. Twilight Zone episodes are more believable than this series.
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