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  • Summary: The hit animated 3D series BearShark, a CollegeHumor original exclusively on Nintendo Video, has inspired a game!

    Run, jump and swim for your life, because the top predators of land and sea are hot on your heels! Play as Steve, last of his bloodline, the chosen one. Chosen by Bear and
    Shark, because they're hungry! Steve is on an epic journey, cursed by The Programmers to run forever in an endless gauntlet that defies all known hope and logic. Also, get wet and wild with underwater sections!

    Brand new, never-before-seen "score" feature keeps track of "numbers." Use Steve's trademark "jump" to avoid dangerous obstacles, like rocks, pufferfish and the diabolical machinations of Bear and Shark. Also, eat cupcakes you find in the woods & floating in the lake.

    Race for infinity as you ask the question on everyone's mind: Why are Bear and Shark chasing you? Are you the bad guy? What have you done? WHAT DID YOU DO? Make up your own backstory to this never-ending adventure and find out!

    When Bear and Shark team up, no one is safe.
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  1. 50
    CollegeHumor’s first 3DS game was a big step for them, just not an impressive one. BearShark gives off a great first impression, but first impressions aren’t everything. After a while, the game’s brand new shine starts to fade, until it fades away to nothing.
  2. Bearly enjoyable, bearly funny...[Sept 2014, p.90]
  3. May 6, 2013
    BearShark demonstrates what happens when an endless runner adheres a little too closely to the origins of that concept. This is a bland, uninspired, repetitive game, one that feels like it belongs in a browser window with flashing ads on either side.
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  1. May 6, 2013
    This is absolute crapware. I will never buy another game from these guys and it has seriously turned me off of the cartoon series appearing on the 3DS as well. Fool me once...F' you. Expand