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  • Summary: Blok Bombing is a fine and ancient sport invented by a small and creative troop of primates, called Bomb Monkeys. The goal is simple: do not allow the bloks rising from the jungle floor to reach dangerous heights and knock you from your perch.

    With an endless supply of bloks and a steady
    stream of bombs, you can partake in this legendary sport anytime you have a spare moment. Young Bomb Monkeys will learn patience and strategy. Older Bomb Monkeys will sharpen their wits. And, every Bomb Monkey will have a blast!

    Several variations on the classic Endless Blok Bombing sport have emerged over the centuries, providing both variety and unique challenges for avid enthusiasts of the sport.

    Addictive puzzle gameplay with explosive twists.
    Two player versus and co-op on same Nintendo 3DS.
    Game modes: Endless, 2P Versus, 2P Co-op.
    Game modes: Rescue, 3 Minutes, and Numbers.
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  1. 80
    A no-frills presentation makes Bomb Monkey feel limited, but the puzzle gameplay is sound and the two-player mode is something that could kill friendships. If retro-style puzzle games are your bag, then be sure to get your block-bombing on in Renegade Kid's latest.
  2. Jun 27, 2012
    A solid puzzler that keeps the rules as well as the controls nice and simple. It might not totally blow you away or engage you for long if you aren't a total score junkie. Still, the ability to play with another person on a single 3DS is such a novel treat that I can see the game being pulled out months down the line for quick pick-up games with your friends.
  3. Jul 2, 2012
    Bomb Monkey's nothing truly explosive, but it's certainly no dud. It's a charming addition to the eShop, but with just a few tweaks it could have been much more satisfying.