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  1. 60
    Overall, this game tries to do a lot, and is so close to being a success. With some more mini-games, a better written story, and refined use of the 3DS features, Riding Stables 3D could have been a true diamond in the rough on the 3DS eShop. Instead, it's not much more than a curiosity for anyone with a penchant for horses or silly plots.
  2. Jan 22, 2013
    Riding Stables 3D definitely has the best of intentions - the StreetPass features, the passively unfolding storyline, and the variety of mini-games - but ultimately it's just not that impressive. The graphics are underwhelming, the sound is aimless and dull, and the frequent load times break any connection you might have otherwise had to your horse. As it stands it feels like the foundation of a much better game, but unfortunately this is the one we got.

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