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Mixed or average reviews- based on 74 Ratings

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  1. Nov 23, 2011
    I liked it a lot once you get use to it. The only real complaint I have is that the classic sonic roll and modern sonic skid are not matched to a single button. Instead of just pressing Y to roll or X to Skid you have to press down and press b which doesn't always work. That is very disappointing and upsets the whole of the game so instead of marking 1 point off for graphics and level design I am marking 2 off. Fun game but not worthy of 40 dollars. Maybe 30. Full Review »
  2. Jan 24, 2012
    I love sonic generations 3D its my first ever sonic game and its soo fun!,

    Its very challenging which is very good.

    The only con is it is to
    short D:. Full Review »
  3. Nov 26, 2011
    During all the hype for Generations this one never caught my eye. Eventually I bought it as a time consumer. I was wondering if this game'd be a timeless classic, or if it should be erased from Sonic's history...terrible puns aside it's a mixed bag. Let's start off with how the Sonics control. Modern Sonic is prettymuch the same as in Colours 3DS with his boosting, sliding, homing attacks and stomping. Only real difference is that instead of spindashing by pressing down, he does the slide instead. Classic Sonic is a huge improvement from what Dimps gave us in Sonic 4. The physics are actually pretty decent...except the rolling. It still tends to slow you down. Which wouldn't be a problem if stages like Mushroom Hill which I'm used to rolling in weren't direct copies from the Genesis games. Overall, control isn't bad. Classic feel is there, but not perfect.

    Now onto their stage choice. I have no complaints with the lineup, Genesis sports Green Hill, Casino Night and Mushroom Hilll, Dreamcast brings Emerald Coast and Radical Highway and Modern gives us Water Palace and Tropical Resort. The classic stages (as Classic Sonic) are all direct copies from their original games. Make of that what you will. I recognise it as lazy, but tbh I don't care. Why fix what isn't broken after all? As Modern Sonic the stages are typical linear pathways you boost your way down with occasional platforming. Early on, it feels like one of those poorly made platformers you find being shown off on Youtube. Granted, it did improve as the game went on but levels like Emerald Coast were awful. Post Genesis era, I was curious what Dimps would do since they could hardly make the levels designed around homing attack chains and such. Their response? Give Classic Sonic a homing attack! I really do not think he needs it (nor should have it, Homing attacks are Modern Sonic's forte) but meh whatever. A couple of classic stages are overloaded with boost pads and homing attack chains. Sound familiar? But granted there are some pretty good original classic stages such as Water Palace and Emerald Coast. And there are a handful of good Modern stages like Tropical resort and Water Palace (again). And that's prettymuch all I have to say about the stages.

    Next up, music. The game's score was decent overall ranging from absolutely amazing arrangements (Big arm) to some really nostalgic tunes (Emerald Coast) to some pretty unbearable music that made my ears bleed (modern Radical Highway) and some not remixed at all (tropical resort) but again, why fix what isn't broken? Laziness or not, I didn't mind.

    Next up my favourite part of the game, the boss fights. I've always been a big fan of bosses designed by Dimps because they create some fantastic and original fights with huge bosses, and Gens 3DS is no exception. The game sports Big Arm, Biolizard, Egg Emperor and of course the Time Eater himself. I had a blast with all of these bosses especially Biolizard and Time Eater, who is greatly improved from the console version. Can't give away the fight itself but it works great and it's actually a fair challenge...bugger killed me twice before I beat him...I just wish there were more bosses. Why can't every world have a boss rather than 1 per every handful of worlds? Also there are rival races. Not much to say. Just race them to the finish and dodge their attacks.

    The verdict? It's got its moments, and its got its hiccups. I'd reccomend Sonic fans give it a go. 3DS owners should buy it if they already have Super Mario 3D land and want something else, and people who are new to Sonic? you should probobly check out the console version instead.
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