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  • Summary: Taking out the trash has never been so much FUN!

    Join your favorite Trashies in litter-loaded adventures of the grossest proportions! Whether youre flinging your Trashie friends into garbage cans or driving the Garbage Truck to collect falling waste, the jobs are always dirty, dingy and
    disgustingly fun!

    -UNIQUE GAMES: Play 4 distinct games, from Trash Smash to Trash Attack! Each game offers multiple levels of play for non-stop action and gross fun.
    -CHARACTERS GALORE: With over 30 Trashies as playable characters, youll jump right into the action with a different perspective every time you play!
    -Collect & Show Off: Collect over 160 Series 1 Trashies in game and track both your in-game and real world collections on a digital poster!
    -Trashy Back Drop : Play within The Trash Packs favorite locale, Trash Town, for a truly authentic and downright dirty experience!
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  1. Nov 12, 2012
    There's simply not enough content in The Trash Pack to justify its price, but we will say that the mini-games - forgettable as they are - control well and serve their modest purposes. It's a release that suffers not because it does anything particularly wrong, but because there's almost no reason to recommend it. Die-hard fans of the toy line may enjoy adding this to their collections, but we doubt anybody else will be impressed.
  2. Dec 6, 2012
    A seriously overpriced and uninspired game. It's a bad game, even by the standards of most licensed games for kids. There are flash games on the internet for free that are better than this. The Trash Pack: The Gross Gang in Your Garbage should just stay in the waste basket.
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  1. May 4, 2013
    You can unlock Trashies and you can use them to play. When you unlock a Trashie you can be that character for the game. I played a game where you try to reach the garbage at the top and if you make it you go to another level. It is a good game with different activities and you can collect cans and have to jump around without bumping into stuff. There is a game where you need to get the Trashie into the bin. The Trash Pack rubbish truck if you don't get the rubbish you lose a life but you lots of lives and when you collect more rubbish your health improves. Expand