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  • Summary: In the future, with the evolution of Nanobot technology, microscopic robots recreate human cell composition in the cyber world. Fantasy and reality have merged into one neo-world. Humans abandon the real world for the cyber luxury of the virtual world. Now, the polar caps are disloged and melting, submerging mother earth underwater. What little turf remains is claimed by thugs, gangs, and mercenaries. The battle for landmass begins. Only now, war is waged inside the Geomatrix with Nanobots armed with devastating weaponry. To win you must fight, to live you must win! Collapse
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  1. You get amazing graphics, good gaming music, and some arcade style gameplay that is fun for the casual gamer, but might leave feature-loving gamers looking for more.
  2. 75
    What prevents the game from getting an above average score are a small collection of annoying gameplay flaws, some persistent camera angle problems, and a lack of longevity.
  3. Shame on Capcom for giving it's fighting games a bad track record by putting out this piece of crap!
  4. Presentation, however, cannot makeup for poor gameplay, something that Heavy Metal has in abundance.
  5. Sort of like a dumbed-down "Powerstone," but with fewer weapons. Honestly, this game does nothing new at all. And what it does do, we've seen done better in games.
  6. Foremost among these flaws is the camera, which is so poor that it almost defies imagination. [Dec 2001, p.113]

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