Sonic Shuffle Dreamcast
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  • Summary: Illumina, the Guardian Angel, needs your help. The mysterious monster Void has locked up the power of the Precioustones, and it's up to you to guide Sonic and his friends through incredible game boards to recover them. Play with up to 3 friends to find out who will be the first to save the land of Maginaryworld. Play minigames, fight bosses, work your way through special events, and more, in Sonic's latest adventure! Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 30
  2. Negative: 10 out of 30
  1. With a lot of creativity, Sonic Team has taken the boardgame to the digital age, and made a fun, sometimes frustrating board game that is a lot more than throwing some dice and moving around a rectangle.
  2. If you intend on playing by yourself, don't expect to win anytime soon. The computer players are cheap, if not downright nasty.
  3. 67
    Hello. My name's John and I'm a disappointed gamer.
  4. Not only is the game lacking in innovation, but it's dragged way, way down by uneven and confusing mini games, far too many load-time interruptions and horrible, sophomoric music.
  5. It's the snail's pace of the action that is Sonic Shuffle's main undoing. Against the computer, even with the speed of the moves turned up, it's agonisingly drawn-out and often just plain boring.
  6. 47
    Everything that can make a board game less enjoyable is done here... and I'm talking about load times up the wazoo, complex instructions, and too many options that will bewilder most players, especially during a multiplayer game.
  7. Load times and boring mini-games will have this one appearing in the used game bin faster than you can say "ugh." It's my duty as a human being to warn all against even thinking about buying this game.

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Score distribution:
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  1. DavidM.
    Sep 4, 2002
    Well I think this game is not that bad at all it just needs so more mini games where you actually win more force jewels and ring combos. The music especially the introduction music is excellent without no doubt it is really cool. Sonic Room the picture prices could have been a little lower but otherwise thats not such a bad idea either. Peace Out. Expand
  2. KaizaN.
    Jul 18, 2002
    Ok, let me first start off by saying I have never played it yet, but I have read both sides of the reviews and here is my side of this. First of on graphics. Well remember that this is a party game, this is not Sonic so things change. The graphics are 2d and so are the charecters, kind of like a board game. Sonic Adventure is an action packed game while Shuffle is a party game, so you have to take both types of games for consideration. And as far as Shuffle emulating Mario Party, that's good. I think that is a good idea because of people who don't have a Nintendo 64 but wanting to play a game like Mario Party, this is their chance. As far as sound and music goes. This game isn't as fast paced, so don't expect Sonic Adventure type of music. I think that Music fitting each type of level and map is a good idea. Remember, if they are making a party game, the closer to Mario Party the better, and Mini Events make it even better. And on the difficulty. While it is commonly known that the computer does cheat, imagaine how good you would be if you could beat a cheating computer right and left, how can anyone beat you. I think it is good practice. On to the storyline. I am not going to give the storyline, because if you want it you should read a faq about the game. Anyway, party games in general don't have great storylines, even Mario Party didn't have a great one. On to loading times. Some Dreamcast games have loading times roughly ten times the 10-18 seconds you wait before you play a mini game or mini event [Worms Armageddon, MDK are two such examples]. Also, if you took the time to start practicing and getting better instead of losing once and finding each and every minute mistake this game has and making a big deal about it, you should play more and get better so maybe after you finally get good enough, you should be able to beat those cheating computers and maybe then you might enjoy this game. [These are the same kind of people who do the same thing in rpgs and spend most of thier time play racing games primarily, I call them pessimists, you can call them whatever you want.] Anyway, I think as far as the replay value, it depends. At the very start, the first time you play and you lose badly you want to give the game up, but if you have the patience to continue playing and never give up, the replay value rises the more you play it. It rises even higher if you have 3 other friends with controllers and vmus so they can play also. What I am saying is the more patient you are the more fun the game is for you. Instead of comparing this game to Sonic Adventure [completely different type of game] and start comparing it to Mario Party. This game has more charecters then Mario party 6 to 8 and some games are more fun then some on Mario Party and some are worse. All in all I think this is a pretty good version of Mario Party Expand
  3. gangster10453
    Jan 6, 2002
    The game is cool the graphics are not to bad and the mini games are fun but a certin board called firebird is really the down fall it is sobering. u wish u were in a vienmese conction camp. Collapse
  4. [Anonymous]
    Aug 17, 2004
    Great graphics, fun gameplay and an amazing multiplayer experience makes this game amazing. The one player game can be quite difficult, but it's nice to have a challenge in a sonic game for once, eh? Overall decent game, music fitting, imaginative storyline. Expand
  5. HawkN.
    Nov 18, 2001
    This game aint as bad as most people say, the music can get annoying and can get cool, the graphics aren't to great but I don't really value that. If you liked "Mario Party" you should try this out and by the way, the loading times aren't as long as people say. Expand
  6. ZaronX.
    Oct 22, 2004
    The game is not BAD, per se. Reviewers acclaim the graphics while dissing the game, but it should really be the other way around. The graphics are the SUCK. Overall, though, the game is fun. Mini games include shooting each other in tanks, passing bombs back and forth, jumping rope over a pit of doom, various random things, and about a billion different versions of tag. Playing against the computer is a mule, to say the least, but that makes it horribly amusing when you dominate them and get to the climactic (and only) boss battle in the game against Void. Multiplayer can be a lot of fun, with a little practice and no computer players. Unless you get paired up with someone with decent skill, the computer will OWN you. Get four players. For your own bloody good, get four players, lest you die a horrible and unspeakable death. Never pair up with a n00b against the computer. You WILL wind up playing with them against the computer in any 2-on-2 games. And you WILL lose if any cooperation is involved. Practice your partner. Game is fun. Computer is mean. Kill them, and you will be happy. Expand
  7. Feb 8, 2013
    I thought the cell-shaded art style looked pretty cool, As party games go it's definately worth playing. Some of the mini-games could've been done better but overall it's a good game. Expand