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  • Summary: You are invited to the ultimate gaming experience. And if you can't make it, we'll bring the party to you! Those loveable worms are back again, annihilating each other with zany weapons on wacky landscapes. Worms World Party is the pinnable of evolution for strategy gaming enthusiasts. With "Worms" already having a reputation for being a party animal, there is just no reason not to come. Expand
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  1. An old concept it may be, but what does that matter when you're having so much bloody fun?
  2. WWP will keep you playing for a very long time. With over 55 weapons, 40 single player missions, and a plethora of online and multiplayer deathmatch options available, WWP is a game worth investing in (especially with its incredibly low price tag).
  3. 82
    What we've got here is the same great Worms gameplay with a few fixes and additions that aren't exactly reliable, especially when it comes to online play.
  4. An excellent buy for newbies looking for humor and gameplay depth. While it doesn’t alter the franchise’s formula, it’s still as fun and frustrating as its predecessors.
  5. 70
    World Party’s simple goals and humor are universal, and can easily be enjoyed worldwide—but the game’s dragging pace and frustrating gameplay will have you swearing at the screen no matter what language you speak.
  6. One of the few Titus-published franchises on DC (or any system) that's actually worth playing on gameplay attributes alone.

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