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  1. In the end, Animal Boxing's main success is that it pioneers a boxing system fit for a better game. Like the Super Smash Bros. series' special-move system, it has essentially no learning curve, so it's something we'd like to see again.
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    Animal Boxing is more of a novelty than a compelling game. It's got gimmicky controls and a genuinely good-looking art style, but there's not much in the way of gameplay here.
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  1. TylerNix
    Jan 1, 2009
    Giving this game anything less than a 7 is very unfair! There are dozens of animal boxers both male and female in the game! They all look cool and detailed with their own cool animations in and between rounds! All of the fighters also have their own style and speed!
    The sound is also nice and more varied than what reviews tell you! You start out with the simple realistic feel of just the sounds of the gym, then move on to the sounds of a farm, the forest, and there are also some tunes heard during certain fights! The sound is pretty good but not great!
    One of the coolest features in the game is tipping your DS upside down for Slam Down controls with the Touch Screen at the top! This is so you can attack your opponent by tapping their bodies with the stylus for a variety of basic and power punches! The touch screen controls work very well for the most part despite some times where you think you should have hit your oppoent but didn't. I think this makes for more of a challenge so you can pinpoint the fighter's weak spots and focus on that.
    Speaking of challenge if you don't keep your block up or dodge your opponent's punches you can be knocked down quickly! Luckily there is a little thing called the Anger Meter which builds up as you throw and take punches! When it fills to the top your eyes blaze with fire and your punches become the strongest! But your opponent can also do the same thing! Luckily there's plenty of Chili Peppers to raise your Anger and Chocolate Bars to regain your lost energy!
    At first I didn't know what to think when the first opponent knocked me down pretty quickly but the more I played the more fun I had! So ignore these other unfair reviews and get one of 2008's best games: ANIMAL BOXING!!!! It's a KNOCK OUT!!!!!!
    Yep, Animal Boxing is one of the best games I've played this year. I could just tap, tap, tap on the Touch Screen for hours! Destineer has a winner on their hands! They really should have done a couple TV ads for it though!
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  2. JoshYoungblood
    Dec 30, 2008
    I got a copy of Animal Boxing a couple of days ago and I found it really fun, but it is true that the game gets old fast if you play it intensively. The trick I found is to play a match or two from time to time, and I have a really fun moment. When you see the opponent in the screen threating you, is amazing, by the way. It drives me to punch him right in the face!!

    I enjoy it! :)
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