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  1. 70
    Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles never pretends to be anything more than a bare-bones package offering up a wealth of Picross and Sudoku puzzles, which definitely works in its favour, as gamers know exactly what they are getting - 1,000 brain-taxing teasers to help wile the time away, whilst flexing that oh-so-important muscle, the brain.
  2. 72
    For twenty bucks it is hard not to recommend Brain Puzzles to anyone looking for a solid collection of mind teasers, just be aware of what you are getting into before diving in.
  3. The Sudoku portion was OK, but as I stated above, I'd much rather play the old-fashioned way - pen and paper. And my frustrating experience with Picture Logic was certainly not a plus.
  4. All in all, for cheap, no-frills fun, this is a worthy title. Just don't expect the challenge to be bigger than Brain Training.
  5. Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles isn't a must-have game, even for Sudoku or Picross fans, but if you're a big-time puzzle player, it'll probably interest you.
  6. At the end of the day, Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles does what it is supposed to, it offers up some cranial challenges in two very specific types of puzzle modes in a very functional manner.

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