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  • Summary: In the single player mission a meteor has crashed into the Earth. The largest single impact on the earth in a millennium is being investigated by the government at a special research facility (C.O.R.E) built alongside impact site. For 20 years the scientists have been drilling into the Earth trying to reach the centre of the meteor and unlock its secrets. Just recently a news blackout was declared for the site and rumours started of an incredible find. Suddenly all communication with the base was lost. With no information on what might have happened and a new strange radiation emanating from the site a special forces team is needed to investigate, your mission as part of that team is to find the answers. 20 different enemies ranging from insane marines and mad scientists to big deadly mutants. A plethora of secret rooms and special quests. Choose among 8 types of weapons, including: blaster, shotgun, plasma gun or rocket launcher. Alternative firing modes for some weapons. 10 different multiplayer arenas. Capture the flag, team arena and death match. Up to 4 player multiplayer. [NoWay Studio] Expand
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  1. C.O.R.E. is a bumpy trip down memory lane, an unrefined copy of seminal shooters from decades passed. It’s nostalgic, but it also feels anachronistic, a decent-but-outdated FPS that feels too old-fashioned for its own good.
  2. You could definitely pass up C.O.R.E., and while I like the idea of someone at least trying to put out a genre title that doesn't typically get made on the NDS, I also feel that C.O.R.E. is an example of why FPSes don't make the transition well to the DS.
  3. We’ve seen some competent shooters on the DS in the past, but C.O.R.E. barely fits the “competent” category. It works (more or less), and some will enjoy it, but its flaws are just too frustrating. With several other, better FPSes already on the DS, there just isn't much reason to go for C.O.R.E.
  4. The game's visuals are on par with other DS FPS titles out there and 1-4 player wireless download play is a nice addition for any DS game. However, this game really has nothing more to get excited about as the dark and unrefined level design, dull A.I., and flawed weapons make the game difficult to enjoy.
  5. It’s not broken, but every aspect is terribly designed.
  6. This archaic first-person shooter is lousy to its core.
  7. C.O.R.E. is the kind of low budget crud that would be sold in drugstores, hastily bought by an uncaring relative to pass on as a birthday gift to a poor, unsuspecting gamer. At least that plastic Transformers knockoff can serve as a chew toy for pets or a test dummy for firecrackers.

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  1. meu
    Aug 11, 2009
    Both this and the previous user vote need to be cancelled out. The game isn't coming out until 8/11/09 so there's no way they could have actually yet played it to review. Thanks! Expand
  2. JonHorn
    Sep 8, 2009
    The multiplayer is excellent and the single player isn't bad either. Even though it's a bit hard, the graphics are nice for a DS game. It's not the best game for people new to FPS games on the DS, but if you liked Metroid or CoD on the DS, you will enjoy this. Expand
  3. CnEY
    Aug 18, 2009
    At first glance this looks promising - at least reminiscent of a doom or quake 1 - and indeed the game's logo looks perhaps a bit too much like quake's, while its protagonist looks like a straight ripoff of the doom marine. Heck, even the plot feels a little doom-ish.

    Unfortunately it falls far short of any id game in its implementation. The enemy AI seems to simply make a bee-line for you, constantly shooting - and every shot they fire, hits. Thus the only way to progress through the game seems to be by way of memorization, to know where the enemies come from in order to kill them before they eventually wear you down and kill you. Now, I suppose this paradigm has worked in the past for series like Contra, but for an FPS, especially in this day and age, it just cries of lackluster development.

    C.O.R.E. does deserve some credit for the environments and the fact that it has potential, and at least it has a brightness setting (even DS-vs.-DS-Lite) as well as a sensitivity setting. Unfortunately it still falls flat on its face elsewhere which precludes it from being enjoyable, at least in the single-player campaign.