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  • Summary: (Known in Japan as "Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 2") The hero of this action-adventure is a slime—one of the most popular monsters from the Dragon Quest series. The game is set in the kingdom of Slimenia, a peaceful land that is suddenly invaded by a mysterious cartel called "the Plob," who then proceed to kidnap all the slimes in the capital city of Boingburg. Our protagonist, Rocket, is the only slime left behind, and must embark on a journey throughout Slimenia to save his friends and uncover the Plob's nefarious plot. The adventure stages consist of our hero bouncing and stretching, as well as carrying various objects on his head, while solving the mysteries behind each area, and rescuing his captured slime friends along the way. Simple, streamlined controls allow players of all ages and skill levels to take part in the action with ease. Each adventure stage culminates in Rocket hopping aboard a colossal slime-shaped war machine called the Schleiman Tank and battling it out with the enemy’s Monster Tanks. Customize tanks by collecting a vast array of weapons and items. Call upon allies, each with their own individual personality and abilities, to aid in the heated tank battles. Even shoot your fellow slimes so they can infiltrate and sabotage the enemy’s Monster Tank. Pit tanks against a friend’s in exciting player-vs.-player action, using the Nintendo DS wireless multiplayer game feature. [Square Enix] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. Delightfully charming and downright heartwarming, it's hard not to fall in love with Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. The gameplay is simple yet addictive, and the varying strategies of the Monster Tank battles keep things from feeling stale, something that’s highlighted through the title’s multiplayer mode.
  2. Multicard two-player tank battles and single-card download demos round out a well-placed and satisfying adventure. [Oct. 2006, p.86]
  3. 85
    Tank battles can get quite challenging.
  4. With its learning curve, Rocket Slime offers charm, weirdness and huge, huge tanks.
  5. Rocket Slime has a unique charm and gratifyingly relaxed gameplay, while its clever tank battle scheme gives this meringue-lite RPG some real weight.
  6. The game is incredibly repetitive. You get the standard different worlds of jungle, sand, sky, etc. but other than the colour palette and decor there wasn't anything unique about any of them.

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  3. Negative: 3 out of 19
  1. NicklasJ.
    Oct 4, 2006
    This game is easy to pick up and play. It uses the a button to the extreme, but is really easy to learn. The a button does the electro blast, jumps, floats, and is the main button to this game. You play as rocket a slime that is trying to find his 100 friends that the plob took from your village. After you play for a little bit you can throw slimes or items on a cart and those will go back to town. The items that you throw on a cart is used for the tank battles. The tank battles are the heart of the game and are real easy to do. You throw any thing in you cannon and hopes it hits the other tank before he throws some items in his. All on all this is one dragon quest game that no fan should be without. Collapse
  2. Alan
    Sep 23, 2006
    this game is so good that you must need to buy it imedately !
  3. Oct 19, 2014
    this game is honestly one of the best i have played.a good variety of lovable characters and fun gameplay make this game great! i played this game day after day and then my ds broke and i cried. Expand
  4. RichH.
    Sep 22, 2006
    After a few hours of playing this game I am very happy to have bought Rocket Slime. The game has some old school elements that Dragon Quest fans will pick up on right away along with some new things as well that new fans will enjoy. The game play is cute and very entertaining as you control one of Dragon Quest Expand
  5. TawnaE.
    Sep 29, 2006
    Pros: Rocket Slime is packed with humor. The game is easy to pick up and play. Its challenge feels about right. The controls are intuitive, and they function as they should. The brightly colored graphics fit with the light-hearted tone of the game. It is easy to discern the difference between items / monsters and game environment. The game includes funny sound effects. Each level has different music, and some songs play for special occasions. Jazzy music fits with the game setting. Cons: Once the game is beaten, there isn't much new to try during replays. Multi-player provides some lasting appeal, but no wi-fi creates problems. Rocket Slime has only one save file, which is something I find annoying. Other Comments: Rocket Slime is a spin-off title of the Dragon Quest RPG video game series. Unlike typical Dragon Quest games, Rocket Slime is an action adventure game. Length is around 20 hours. Expand
  6. Apr 9, 2011
    This game was actually my introduction to the Dragon Quest franchise. I was intrigued at playing as a monster. I've enjoyed playing as the 'bad guy' since Super Mario RPG (even if Bowser was a bit slow for my taste). I found it entertaining, even if resource collection was a little bit of a pain. The story was not great, but I could tell it wasn't much more than an excuse to link battles and zones together. It was peppered with little details that added greatly to the atmosphere of the game as a whole (like loading your helpers into your cannons) The tank battles are fast, furious and frenzied, though the AI was a bit lacking in difficulty. If you are looking for something cerebral, you'll want to take a pass. 2-player versus tank battles with my wife ate up hour after hour for weeks, so grab it if you've got someone to link battle with. Expand
  7. BenG.
    Oct 25, 2006
    I honestly don't get it and am truely disappointed. From so many glowing reviews, I was sure I would have a good time, not spend all my time reading text and stacking people on my head, and stretching like a slingshot. I've really tried to get into this game, but it bores me to death, and it's the only DS game I own I actually regret buying. Expand

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