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  • Summary: It's time to team up with the legendary Dynasty Warriors and save Ancient China. With your awesome Musou attack you have the power to stop the hordes of enemy soldiers ready to strike. Unite all of China and victory will be yours. Play as one of 3 new fighters, and team up with some of your favorite Dynasty Warriors to conquer China. Collect cards, build your Battle Deck, and find the most powerful combination. 120 cards in all. Build your deck in single player mode and use it in wireless multiplayer battles. Distract your opponents with the new Obstacle Roulette system. 12 unique stages set in Ancient China! Watch out for traps- even fight on the deck of a rocking ship. Wireless Vs. mode for up to 3 players. Game controls and visual design created expressly for Nintendo DS. [Koei] Expand
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  1. A button-masher with a strategy-game pedigree, Koei's Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter's Battle straddles the line between two genres with awkward balance. [Sep 2007, p.87]
  2. However, Dynasty's old faults--poor AI and monotonous battling--are readily apparent. [July 2007, p.107]
  3. Rack up truly impressive body counts in ancient China, over and over again, for several hours.
  4. A competent but ultimately soulless and uninspired slash 'em up that doesn't push the DS to anywhere near its full capabilities. [Oct 2007, p.94]
  5. I'm thinking Koei should've just dubbed this one My First Dynasty Warriors, as this romp through ancient China is ridiculously basic. [Aug 2007, p.81]
  6. The gameplay works decently enough but it lacks any depth. The battle card system feels unimportant, and you'll blaze through the game in a day. Time to bury this dynasty in the history books.
  7. There is simply nothing here worth playing, nothing here worth buying and it stands as yet one more clue (as if they need any more) that Koei needs to move on to greener pastures and bury this franchise once and for all.

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