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  • Summary: As professional escape artist Mr.Esc, players maneuver through burning buildings and sinking ships as they dodge disaster and save survivors along the way. Exit DS makes a return to the portable scene with all-new Touch-Screen functionality and over 100 stages to solve.
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  1. Stylish, vintage puzzling let down slightly by some wonky controls. [Jan 2009, p.96]
  2. Mr.Esc has done it again, and this time he's going to rescue as many people as he can in this irrisistible NDS port of the critically aclaimmed puzzle-based Exit. More than 100 levels of puzzles and platforms await to the players who have not experienced this enjoyable work from Taito.
  3. EXIT DS is a flawed classic in the puzzle game genre but there's definitely enough here to be worth checking out if you haven't played any of the other versions in the three years since the game's original release, you don't mind hair-tearing frustration, and you have the patience to get to grips with a control scheme that should be far more intuitive than it is.
  4. Exit DS is one of those games that really would have benefited from the Nintendo DS’ touch screen but, sadly, the awkward controls make for some rather frustrating gameplay.
  5. Your characters will not do what you want them to a decent portion of the time.
  6. Exit DS has some likeable aspects, but the tedious control scheme keeps it from greatness.
  7. 40
    With over 100 levels and Wi-Fi functionality via leaderboards, Exit DS isn't totally without merit.

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