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  1. 80
    It makes good use of the limited control options available to the system and avoids unneeded stylus annoyances by limiting the core gameplay to the face and shoulder buttons.
  2. On Nintendo DS, FIFA 10 looks like a pretty fun soccer game, with a good number of modes and a decent online multiplayer support. There's only a big problem: the game is almost the same of last year.
  3. A bad game, far from the quality of simulative style of the other versions of FIFA 2010. An absurd arcade game who has nothing to share with ones who carry his own name.
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  1. lukeb
    Dec 24, 2009
    it is a great game..... got great graphics.. luv it!
  2. IainP
    Oct 23, 2009
    after the brilliant fifa 09 expectin more of the same BUT fIFA 10 WAS RUBBISH.Terrible menu system poor graphics almost like Fifa 07.I think this game was cobbled together last minuit and it shows.Don,t but it everybody total rubbish!!!!! Cheaply made awaful. Full Review »