Flip the Core DS


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  1. 80
    Flip the Core is a fun-though short-horizontal shooter with some interesting ideas. The fact that I was able to beat it, given that horizontal shooters are anything but my forte, speaks to the accessibility of the game. It's a fun one, folks. Try it out.
  2. Jul 5, 2012
    Hardcore shmup fans have been waiting a long time for a solid eShop title, but while Flip the Core features some nice gameplay ideas, the need to keep flipping planes and trying to keep track of levels that keep constantly changing ends up taking too much focus off of the core shooting experience. The inexpensive $2 price tag makes the game at least worth checking out for those who just can't get enough arcade shooting action, but that comes with the caveat of keeping your expectations in check when you do.
  3. Games Master UK
    Aug 24, 2012
    The game suffers for a lack of intensity. [Oct 2012, p.89]

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