Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades DS


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Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 1 out of 40
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  1. Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades is a great expansion of the series on the DS.
  2. 90
    While Decades isn't revolutionary by any means, it's still an absolute blast to play.
  3. Decades is an entertaining and challenging game that recreates the Guitar Hero experience as best you can without actually holding a guitar.
  4. Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades is the second time the franchise has made it to the Nintendo DS and overall it is even better than the previous instalment.
  5. If you have played the first one and enjoyed it, then you are golden; if you didn't then its time to put down the iPod loaded with country music and get crackin'.
  6. Guitar Hero: On Tour – Decades gives more enjoyment out of the portable version of Guitar Hero.
  7. 80
    I personally think the original Guitar Hero On Tour was an outstanding addition to the Nintendo DS library, and while Guitar Hero On Tour Decades loses a bit of the novelty that influenced the first score, the sequel is still a very appealing portable product.
  8. A great choice for anyone that wants to take a virtual axe on the go. As competent as the original, Decades brings another 28 quality songs to the mix that can be streamed between two DS.
  9. And if you love Guitar Hero, but don't have deep enough pockets to fit out a whole band on the World Tour game then this is a good substitute, just mind the funny looks you'll get rocking out on the bus.
  10. If you can accept the fact that this version is a track pack a few improvements more than a totally new, re-thinked and re-worked game, then shedding 50$ won’t stop you from getting it. Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades is an interesting addition to your DS collection not only for the new tracks but especially for the extended tracklist via wireless link with the original game.
  11. 80
    Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades is a solid follow-up to an impressive first effort on a handheld system. While it feels more like an expansion set the addition of wireless streaming is more than worth the price of admission.
  12. Regardless of how much polish Decades has over its predecessor, the fact remains that the DS game will never be more than a simulation of a simulation; a short-term novelty that just makes you wish you were playing the real Guitar Hero games instead.
  13. The final score from between Guitar Hero: On Tour and Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades is pretty close, but Decades is the clear winner. With a much more enjoyable song list and minor enhances lightly sprinkled throughout the game (there is even a new “about” feature with gives more details about each song/band and even gives a background about all unlockable guitars), be sure to choose Decades if you have to make a decision between the two versions.
  14. 75
    A solid addition to the Guitar Hero family.
  15. Nintendo Gamer
    A game first and foremost (and maybe a torture device). [Feb 2009, p.69]
  16. Games Master UK
    The DS isn't the best home for Guitar Hero and, while it's good, Decades can't alter that. [Feb 2009, p.78]
  17. Just remember, while Guitar Hero was all about simulating the act of playing a guitar, GHOTD has no such aspirations. This game’s only goal is to simulate the act of playing Guitar Hero, nothing more and nothing less.
  18. On Tour Decades brings better songs and a slightly more comprehensive Guitar Hero experience to Guitar Hero on DS. There are still issues with the comfort and practicalities of its guitar fret peripheral, but the most rousing songs are still a lot of fun to play.
  19. It's good fun, especially for Guitar Hero junkies, but while we enjoy hitting the fret buttons and rocking out, playing for just a few minutes cramps the hands, and the limited soundtrack cannot compare to Guitar Hero World Tour's.
  20. Ultimately, what I remember most about this game is the wrist and neck pain.
  21. The main sales argument of Decades is the ability to play against a friend with a copy of the game, or it's predecessor On Tour, anywhere via wireless networking. This game is a whole lot of fun playing with a friend, and it works for solo sessions as well, but unfortunately the grip around the keys will be straining for your hands during longer sessions of play. The presentation could also have been given a fresher coat of paint and a more rock like aesthetics. This is a good supplement to the more mature siblings on the stationary consoles.
  22. Nintendo Power
    Additionally, Decades doesn't build much upon the first On Tour game; the main attraction is the new batch of songs. [Jan 2009, p.91]
  23. While Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades is a very solid follow-up port of the franchise to the DS and the technology to get it working is brilliant - why don't more developers make use of the GBA cartridge port for DS games? - I can really only recommend Decades to fans of the franchise, with the proviso that they have relatively small hands.
  24. While the console versions remain the definitive Guitar Hero experiences, portable players that are absolutely ga-ga for the franchise should give Decades a shot.
  25. Pelit (Finland)
    Adds a great bunch of new songs to the On Tour experience. The game works as well as possible on a DS, but the mobile platform just cannot fake the feeling of playing a guitar. [Jan 2009]
  26. I generally like what Vicarious Visions has done to bring the Guitar Hero experience to the portable market, but I’d prefer to see them focus on amending the functionality of the game rather than expanding the song list of a still flawed product.
  27. Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades packs a very strong line-up of both modern and classic rock bands and artists, and the possibility of exchanging songs with every other Guitar Hero-fan is great addition. The Guitar Grip is still far from perfect though, and the poor sound quality when playing without earphones hasn’t improved one bit, explaining the lower score of Decades compared to its predecessor.
  28. 67
    If you can get past the controller and don't mind sustaining permanent hand injuries, Decades is a fun, short rhythm game.
  29. It's not a big improvement or change over the first title, and really feels like a track pack update more than anything, but if you've been growing tired with the 20 or so songs from the original, then this one will do the trick.
  30. It's good to see a stronger track list in Decades, but this is still a game in which you can't play more than two songs in a row without causing yourself to feel a strong pain in your arm.
  31. But it still doesn’t quite play like Guitar Hero. The touch detection is too spotty, the custom controller is too uncomfortable and that intoxicating illusion that you’re actually playing an instrument still isn’t there. But, if you need a portable way to get your rock on, this is remains the best way to go.
  32. 60
    Aside from new music and the wireless feature, it's pretty much the same experience.
  33. Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades improves minimally upon its predecessor, but not in the areas that matter most.
  34. Nagging issues, such as strum recognition and the fact that the guitar grip has a tendency to become unplugged, haven't been addressed, meaning that not a single problem brought up from the original game has been fixed.
  35. Guitar Hero On Tour was fun for a while but the novelty has worn off and Decades has made the DS versions’ shortcomings much more apparent.
  36. Despite being an impressive achievement for the DS - just as the original game was earlier this year - we simply can't get on with the cramped control peripheral and tinny music.
  37. We'd recommend the first On Tour as a better starting point and a slightly better game overall, which relegates this to a worthwhile expansion if you can find it cheap enough.
  38. In almost every way Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades is exactly like the original. It still hurts your hand, has tinny audio and doesn't feel quite right.
  39. 55
    Decades competently represents Guitar Hero's gameplay, but has trouble recreating what ultimately makes Guitar Hero fun.
  40. This is just a song pack, really - one that carries an RRP of GBP 29.99 (or GBP 39.99 if you need the guitar grip too). That's too much to ask for a sequel which barely does anything its predecessor didn't do, and doesn't even fix any of the problems with it.

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  1. ShaneS.
    Nov 17, 2008
    I bought the game the day it came out because I thought the first Guitar Hero on Tour was really fun; yes it was shorter than the bigger I bought the game the day it came out because I thought the first Guitar Hero on Tour was really fun; yes it was shorter than the bigger systems like xbox, playstation and the wii, but hey it's a DS game. With that in consideration I really thought the sequal would be equally as revolutionary as it predecessor; I started playing the day I got it and I wasn't let down. The graphics looked a bit better (remember it's a DS game, it only gets so good) and it seemed like it picked up on my strokes easier than on tour. I haven't tried out its multiplayer mode yet but i'm sure that will be as good as the first one's. All in all Decades is almost the same as on Tour, just a bit more time seems to have been spent on its appearance this go-round (the black figures that were supposed to be the crowd in on tour return, but with pigments of color this time, hooray). More songs equals more fun, same grip is used (so maybe not as revolutionary), bit better graphics, 2 new characters, if you enjoyed on tour there's no reason to like Decades a little bit more. Full Review »