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  • Summary: The six High School Musical friends have decided to sign up for a National Musical competition. With the help of Kelsi and each other, they signed up and travel across America performing songs and dances to prove they have what it takes to earn the prestigious "America's best amateur Musical" title. [Disney Interactive Studios] Expand
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  1. 75
    This rhythm action title isn't as engaging or energetic as Nintendo's Elite Beat Agents, but it does get its presentation and soundtrack just right. Fans of the films, then, would be well served to pick up a copy and play along, reliving the songs of the past, a few from the future.
  2. The game is befitting the license. Good job to A2M and Disney for not providing us with the same drivel that normally coincides with these types of games/shows. Any High School Musical fan would be proud to have this title.
  3. 70
    If you’re a fan of High School Musical, you’ll enjoy Makin’ the Cut. Otherwise, stick to Elite Beat Agents.
  4. This is a great game for fans of HSM, but if it's a rhythm game that you're looking for, Elite Beat Agent just can't be beat.
  5. For most people, High School Musical: Making the Cut will feel like a sandwich with no meat.
  6. Musical employs changing colour wheels that collectively conspire to do your ever-shifting eyes an injury, and not layout that's more shotgun splatter than musical matter. [Nov 2007, p.73]
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