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  • Summary: Insecticide is a hard-boiled, fast-shooting detective game set in a festering future city where bugs have evolved as the planet’s dominant race. A murder at the powerful Nectarola soft drink company leads police from the Insecticide Squad on a bug hunt through the city’s seedy underbelly, and into a mystery of epic proportions. Join Detective Chrys Liszt and partner Roachy Caruthers on the case as they become entangled in a web of crime in this 3rd-person shooter/detective game. It’s an action-adventure in the truest sense of the word, immersing players in cinematic combat levels, as well as a story-based detective investigation. Use Chrys’ unique insect abilities, a range of creative bug weaponry, and old-fashioned street smarts to solve the case and uncover a shocking secret, ultimately bringing the mighty boot of justice down hard on the city's infestation of crime. [Gamecock Media] Expand
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  1. The adventure chapters have a wonderfully classic feeling to them, and the action chapters are challenging and fun.
  2. While we were collecting clues and investigating the case, she was a lot of fun, but once the investigation stopped and the action started, she turned on me, leaving my heart cut open like a gutted fish.
  3. 70
    This one is a real heartbreaker. I really wanted to score it higher, but the action sequences get in the way of what could have been an extremely enjoyable adventure game.
  4. The game squanders its stylish setting, writing, and entertaining puzzle solving by minimizing the fun investigation segments, focusing squarely on broken combat and platforming.
  5. Those seeking the goofy humor and weird puzzles you wax nostalgic about, Insecticide could possibly scratch your adventuring itch. Just be prepared to split that 50/50 with ho-hum action sequences.
  6. Insecticide melds sloppy platforming/shooter action with lightweight adventure puzzling, cemented together by a derivative pseudo-film-noir plot chock-full of atrocious puns. Swat this one away.
  7. Puzzles are of the ‘give doughnut to the doughnut-desiring character’ variety, rarely extending beyond chores. [May 2008, p.97]

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  1. WillPizzalover
    Mar 12, 2008
    Great gameplay, but it's the story that makes it rise so beautifully...fantastic game.