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  • Summary: In his second adventure James Pond must retrieve the toys Dr Maybe has stolen. Pond has been armed with an Inspector Gadget-style stretch device, which he can use to view higher areas or claw onto ceilings so as to slide across them.

    The gameplay takes place across worlds themed around
    particular types of toys, such as sporting goods, candy and aircraft. The levels scroll sideways, although a small amount of vertical movement is included. On each level Pond must collect 2 penguins and reach the exit, although there are usually multiple exits and lots of secret areas to explore. After completing each pair of two worlds (each of which has three sub levels), a boss must be faced. Expand
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  1. Jan 19, 2013
    Originally released for the Amega in 1991 and re-released twice for PlayStation(on PS1 and then remade for PS3/PSP/PSVita) and now for the pitiful DS. For the Amega I assume it was fantastic. Perfect little sidescroller for its time. For the PlayStation it was probably poor. I gather this from comparing the game to PS1 games like Spyro. Now for the DS? Its abysmal. James Pond, go home. This game has been put on every damn device that exists. The publisher obviously didn't make enough money the first time round. Expand