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  1. Dec 29, 2011
    i already have to say and did notice that it has a quite solid quality for being under the circumstances of being on the ds. the gameplay is very realistic and for all the different mini-games and game modes it is quite well. but yes, if you do have a console get madden08 or on and on for that. also the graphiics are pretty good for what ds quality your playing with here. i think if you have a ds and want a game like madden08 go and get it because thats your right pick. Expand

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  1. A huge improvement over previous versions. It's obvious EA wanted to treat the DS platform as a unique entity and not a place to dump a half-assed port. While the graphics won't be winning any awards, it's at least passable now and won't make your eyes bleed.
  2. It has improved better than anyone could've expected. A step forward always beats a step backward. Players left with no choice but their cherished portable should definitely check it out, especially for some paper wedge-flicking action.
  3. 74
    In the future we'd of course love to see drawn plays with the stylus, as well as a more in-depth friends system online (as it stands you simply select "random" or "friend play" and are connected automatically to any eligible player), but this is by far the most playable version of Madden we've seen on DS thus far.