Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games DS

  • Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Jan 22, 2008

Mixed or average reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
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  1. This is one of those games that brings about a party atmosphere whenever three or four people are going at it in the same room. Sadly, there's no online multiplayer, although you can connect to Nintendo's WiFi Connect service to add your top scores to the worldwide results ladder.
  2. The game isn't terrible; it's visually slick, there's a decent variety of events and they're entertaining to play through the first few times. But there's nothing special about it and no long-term value.
  3. It’s hard to see anyone over the age of 12 getting enough enjoyment out of M&S DS to recommend it as a purchase, and then only if they have friends with the same game.
  4. AceGamez
    It's a pretty average and short-lived collection of immaculately presented mini-games that are shallower than a gnat's bidet.
  5. The trouble lies in the often uninteresting and occasionally frustrating controls, combined with some events that are too similar to one another, as well as shallow gameplay that brings the game down.
  6. What first appeared to be a shameless money making coming together of two of gaming's most famous icons has actually turned out to be a fun collection of Olympic events presented with a simple and fun control scheme.
  7. The World Records are a joke (you'll beat most of them on the first two tries) and the Trivia Mode is pointless, but the multiplayer action and online scoreboards make up for them.
  8. This is a fun combination of minigames focusing on sports. Despite the gameplay being a little shallow, the singleplayer mode does offer a lot of options by opening up various new mini-games. The multiplayer is even more fun. Don't be too careless with the stylus though, you can get some scratches on the touchscreen.
  9. The lack of any real multiplayer mode online is the biggest let down of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games on the DS as it removes the biggest element of the game - the very fact that it’s a party game.
  10. Much like the career of English sprinter Dwain Chambers, this title seems like a great opportunity missed, as sheer laziness becomes a huge enemy, and a lack of variation takes its toll.
  11. Gorgeous-looking Mario & Sonic goes for gold with multiplayer, despite stumbling across the finish line with a few lame events, the odd control issue and only moderately entertaining solo play.
  12. 60
    At best, it's a nice-looking distraction with some much-loved characters, and at worst, it's a sometimes dull and occasionally exasperating minigame collection on a platform full of better, cheaper minigame collections.
  13. 60
    An underwhelming experience. Whilst there are plenty of bonus features (medals, emblems, online leaderboards, etc.) designed to keep you coming back, the events/mini-games themselves just aren’t up to the challenge.
  14. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games DS gets closer to the casual and uncompromised format that Sega had in mind. Mini-games are easier with the stylus and less frustrating. Still, there are better alternatives for the DS.
  15. 70
    While the Wii version offers inferior controls, ultimately the console-TV multiplayer experience is something that the DS version cannot match. While the DS version is technically better, the Wii version offers more potential for spontaneous chaos and fun.
  16. If you're the type of person who loves to play mini-games, particularly enjoyed the first Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, or are a casual gamer who's looking for a fun, albeit easy and short-lived title, then you should definitely consider picking up a copy of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.
  17. Although enjoyable in spurts, this is lacking in any real challenge and there are no multiplayer antics to save it. [Apr 2008, p.68]
  18. 65
    If you're looking for a more competent take on gaming-mascot Olympics, go with the DS version. But if you're looking for a casual party game, go with the Wii version -- it's just not the same without trash-talking all the Sonic furries.
  19. But the singular failure to execute multiplayer effectively means that the game's merits are not capitalised upon, and therefore it struggles to provide any lasting impact.
  20. 60
    Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is a mediocre mini-game compilation for the Nintendo DS. The Wii version is better and there are far better mini-game titles on the Nintendo DS.
  21. 70
    You'll get more of a physical workout with the Wii version of the game, but this is a perfectly fine way for you to get some of that Olympic spirit without having to break a sweat.
  22. With all there is to do in the game, it’s a shame that it isn’t more interesting. For the most part, the touch controls work well and there’s plenty of variety to the events, but for some reason, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics doesn’t really hold your interest once you’ve played each event once.
  23. 65
    Even though it's shrunken down to fit the DS, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is almost as fun as the Wii version. [Apr 2008, p.85]

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#15 Most Discussed DS Game of 2008
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 28 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 11
  2. Negative: 1 out of 11
  1. Mar 23, 2015
    This game is fun, simply fun. The minigames are fun, the mini minigames are fun, the graphics are good for the DS and it has alot of content.This game is fun, simply fun. The minigames are fun, the mini minigames are fun, the graphics are good for the DS and it has alot of content. There isn't much else to say. The reviewers were too harsh on this one. One of my greatest DS recommendations. Full Review »
  2. May 30, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. The first game in the series does not lift up the series' name. It's't interest me
    The core gameplay itself is nice, but gets boring after playing the game several times. The missions are actually good and challenging (This is pretty much the best feature in the game). The museum section is boring, honestly. It's just filled with unaddicting minigames and the reward of completing it was also pretty bland (I'm talking about the audio reward, not the Olympic facts). The game made worse with its terrible controls. Like, REALLY terrible . It also filled with one of the worst soundtrack in the series. At least, the graphics are nice, so there's a redeeming quality here.

    Overall, the game is just plain mediocre with its controls and main gameplay and lazy because of it's just a mix of Mario, Sonic, and the Olympic games.
    My final score for this game: 5.8
    Again, because the user score machine can't do this such score, I round it and got a 6.
    Full Review »
  3. May 25, 2011
    I never liked this game. Painful music, cumbersome controls, and hardly any unlockables, this game is only for people who enjoy seeing WaluigiI never liked this game. Painful music, cumbersome controls, and hardly any unlockables, this game is only for people who enjoy seeing Waluigi throw a punch at Vector. Full Review »