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  • Summary: Recruit a band of adventurers and journey across the world of Akhiel to save humanity in this epic RPG.
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  1. Mazes of Fate DS is the same game launched in GameBoy Advance two years ago. It has some innovations but not so importants. Its traditional gameplay is interesting for the classical RPG players of the 90´s. If you didn´t play the Gameboy Advance version, it will be a correct game to enjoy.
  2. 40
    If you can find the GBA version of Mazes of Fate, it might be worth a snag. If you're into old school first-person dungeon exploring, and don’t mind a heavy difficulty, then it can be enjoyable. That being said, don’t even think about picking up the DS version.
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  1. Oct 29, 2011
    Don't let the updated graphics and dual-screen presentation fool you. This game was (and is) better on the GameBoy Advance. The 3D models look terrible, the terrible AI has broken the game by allowing players to cheat their way to victory, and none of the "additional features" feel like improvements. Here's my advice: 1) Look up the review for the GBA version to read how the real game fared, 2) seek out a $10 GBA copy on eBay complete with box and manual versus the overpriced $20-$45 you could end up paying for the DS version, 3) experience one of the greatest dungeon crawlers of the past decade in its fantastically retro 2D glory. Expand
  2. Jun 17, 2012
    To the point: This game bored me to death. Old gameplay, a non existent plot and awful artwork that would pass as mediocre in the 8 bit 90s era. The worst part is that I wasn't expecting much so that they manage to not only lower but destroy any desire to play this game is truly a feat. Do not buy. Forget ever existed. The people behind this game should give a serious look to their product before trying to ship such a disgrace again. Expand

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