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  • Summary: Players will join Marco, Tarma, Eri, Fiolina, Clark and Ralph as they prepare to take on Modern's Forces across 7 new missions that will bring them from Garbage Island to the Fortress of Ruins and beyond. Aside from featuring 7 brand new and fully detailed missions and six playable characters, Metal Slug 7 will also feature a host of new weapons, colossal new bosses, new Slugs to pilot and new gameplay modes for added replay value. [SNK Playmore] Collapse
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  1. Metal Slug games tend to disappear fast and never return, so snag this one fast and don’t be sluggish. If you see a sale, bite and don’t hesitate.
  2. 80
    Metal Slug 7 is a great installment of a classic franchise.
  3. Metal Slug 7 delivers what fans of the series expect, nothing more, nothing less. [Jan 2009]
  4. Metal Slug 7 is what it is; a resolutely old school, unashamedly non-progressive and brutally tough side-scrolling shooter and, in many respects, SNK should be applauded for bringing an authentic Metal Slug experience to the DS.
  5. While its graphics look jaggy on the tiny DS screen, there's no two-player mode and it game uses very little of the system's touch screen abilities, but if you're in the market for a run and gun video game with lots of action, Metal Slug 7 will work out your trigger finger.
  6. Metal Slug 7 is a possible game for Nintendo DS but it’s very far from the “true sequel” the fans have waited for so long especially since the third version is considered the vertex and pinnacle of all “shooters”.
  7. For all of my bitching, I don’t hate Metal Slug 7. It’s fun enough, functional, and perfect for short bus rides, but I enjoyed playing it more the last six times it was released. Metal Slug 7 proves that shaking down a series for a seventh installment only works if it stars Ron Perlman.

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