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  • Summary: The miniature wonderland of Sunny Patch is filled with bugs of all shapes, sizes and colors. Here lives the kind-hearted Miss Spider, her husband Holley and their buggy bunch of kids. Near the end of autumn, the bugs in Sunny Patch have to stock up for the winter and so Miss Spider's children Dragon, Bounce, Squirt, Wiggle and Shimmer help out by collecting fruit and berries for the cold season ahead. Enjoy playing through 24 different levels which are divided between the key characters from the show, so each level is centered around one of Miss Spider's kids. To complete a level the player must help one of the children collect enough fruit and berries to fill up the Fruit-O-Meter and avoid tricky obstacles along the way by using their unique skills. The story is a mix of exploration, puzzles and platform jumping ensuring long-lasting playability. Experience lots of varied game play with the three different game modes: Adventure, Bug a Bonus and Gallery mode. [The Game Factory] Expand
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  1. 85
    In the end, Harvest Time Hope and Fly is a fantastic game for the younger set, with a number of different game play options available throughout the game.
  2. GF should be recognised for trying to bring a DS game that uses all the features of the system while catering for the younger market, and for those with a DS and kids, this game is going to be the perfect fit.
  3. Harvest Time: Hop and Fly is extremely cute and colorful. The characters are adorable, particularly when they beat a level and celebrate by dancing. Harvest Time: Hop and Fly is an adorable game, and one that younger kids will have a great time playing.
  4. Little kids who want to learn how to play on the Nintendo DS need simple games that slowly increase in difficulty as they start to master the fundamentals of making characters do their bidding. Miss Spider's Harvest Time Hop and Fly is just such a game.
  5. 40
    Clearly the box art and title should make it clear that the target audience for Miss Spider: Harvest Time Hop and Fly isn’t anyone who can reach higher than the third shelf at the game store.
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