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  • Summary: Race on 25 different all-terrain tracks in five different environments. Master 8 different Monster Trucks, each with different starting attributes. Tear-up the tracks and put it all on the line with your friends via a 4-person multiplayer mode. Upgrade your Monster Trucks in the Performance shops between races with the cash you earn by winning races. [Majesco] Expand
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  2. Negative: 6 out of 7
  1. It's as pointless as it sounds. [Nov 2006, p.76]
  2. 40
    All you're getting is a reskinned version of an already bad racing game.
  3. It’s horribly unexciting thanks to a total lack of speed and absolutely no challenge from your computer controlled “opponents.”
  4. 25
    If it isn't clear by now Monster Trucks DS is a terrible title that feels like nothing but a cash in.
  5. A clumsy attempt of bringing off-road action to the DS, its only joy being strangely a result of it's flaws.
  6. Monster Trucks DS is the worst game I have played on the DS since its creation. There is not one area of the game that I can drag out any positive aspects out of.
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  1. BillS.
    Jan 21, 2006
    The review of IGN is dead on. I bought this game after buying ATV Quad Frenzy.I then come to realize they are the same game only with monster trucks rather than ATV's. The problem with that is the tracks are not wider so you cannot pass. If you do not get the lead on the opening gun you better learn to drive like Dale Earnhart Jr and bump and run. Bad league format again. Speedometer says your going 50-60 mph feels like your going 3 (1 1/2 if going up Very bad game....and there hasn't been few on DS i've said that about. Expand