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  • Summary: In My Pet Shop, players explore fields looking for animals to catch by using an assortment of items. Animals that you catch will turn into pets that people can take home from Mom’s pet shop, or your own personal companions. Care for them, train them, dress them up, and even enter pet contests! Featuring over 40 animals and 126 color and pattern variations in all, players have the chance to raise rare animals like pandas, penguins, and bears. Expand
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  1. If you have a child who is trying to get into video games or likes pets, it's a great buy. They'll have fun, they'll learn some basics about gaming and you won't have to feel embarassed to see it in their collection.
  2. 70
    A good one for the kids, especially girls.
  3. My Pet Shop has cute graphics and nice gameplay.
  4. My Pet Shop is surprisingly well-polished for a game aimed at a younger, casual audience.
  5. Right out of the box, My Pet Shop is a kiddy game that only kids will really enjoy.
  6. As much as I’d love to own a panda, after an eight-hour shift in the dullest pet shop in the planet, I was ready to tell my mom to stuff the allowance.
  7. I wouldn't recommend it but if it just looks so crazy awesome that you didn't believe anything I just said at least buy it on sale or rent it.

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