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  • Summary: Explore a whole new world with MySims - it's your world to transform. Move to a town that has been struggling lately. With a little creativity and some help from the locals, you can make this place thrive. Improve the town to attract new characters, from the Italian Chef and Florist to the Kickboxing Instructor and DJ. Discover what the residents want and need, so that you can help them enjoy life in their town. Design a hot tub or a jukebox from scratch, build homes and businesses from the roof to the front door. Uncover special decorations and patterns as you explore the growing town. From the furniture and objects to the buildings to the town as a whole – each of your creations is unique. In MySims, what you make... makes all the difference. Your town is your own unique creation, from the flower shop to building a mad scientist's laboratory, and beyond. It's your call who lives there and who moves out. Who will you befriend? Who will you ignore? Socialize with the locals and uncover all sorts of useful or surprising treasures hidden throughout the town. It's a cinch to personalize your Sims appearance from head to toe with the Wii & Nintendo DS controls. Unlock cool new clothing and accessories as you befriend the neighbors. Decorate with your very own furniture and accessories, then customize your creations with things you can grow, harvest, or discover around town. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. The perfect handheld confection, offering light, accessible gaming that is easy to dip in and out of without making huge demands on you. [Oct 2007, p.92]
  2. A gorgeous adventure. Well worth a punt now that "Animal Crossing's" had its day. [Nov 2007, p.69]
  3. MySims on Nintendo DS focuses on odd jobs and building relationships with the various townspeople. The game isn’t the most complex game out there and the lack of actual things to do ends up hurting its replay value. The kiddies will like it, as will hardcore fans of the Animal Crossing games.
  4. If you are a huge Sims fan, this simple 'town in your pocket' might hold some worth for you, but if you are looking for something with a little more depth then it is probably best to opt for the more ambitious Wii version.
  5. It isn't broken and it isn't soulless, but it is pretty shallow. It's cute and passably entertaining, but there's nothing here that compels you to return to the game, and it's quite clearly aimed towards the younger end of the market. MySims DS is EA's family-friendly take on an existing idea; the Wii version is the one that innovates.
  6. The concept means that technically MySims could last forever, but realistically you’ll be bored within a couple of weeks. Not that this is a bad game per se, it's just that it has already been beaten by Animal Crossing: Wild World.
  7. 50
    I am disappointed with the latest trend, where what looks to be a great game on another platform is an ultimate disappointment on the DS.

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