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  • Summary: Take the mini games with you! MySims Party for the Nintendo DS offers 40 mini games to choose from. These games, specific for the DS, offer hours of entertainment. You can dig up dinosaur fossils during Excavate-a-Saurus, join Goth Boy on a first person shooter mission during Haunted Hunted or rock out with Air-Guitar-Star. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. A nice game for youngsters that own a Nintendo DS! For grown ups this game offers no challenge or enough variety to stay with MySims Party.
  2. It's a good coupling of gameplay types that makes simulation more entertaining whilst offering more to do than merely playing through mini-games. However, most of what's offered in MySims Party looks and feels awfully familiar.
  3. A solid, whimsical mini-game collection targeted equally at boys and girls.
  4. 64
    At best, the mini-games of MySims Party offer a simple diversion for kids. At worst, they are an uninspired cash-in trying to coast on Electronic Arts' MySims property.
  5. A short and boring collection of minigames.

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