• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Mar 4, 2008
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Summary: On a quest to the mystical Lair of the Golden Condor, Shiren the Wanderer and his weasel ally, Koppa, venture through treacherous lands in an attempt to solve the mystery surrounding this legendary realm. Many other warriors have set out on this quest but none have survived the long, perilous journey through deep caverns, vast forests, and dangerous mountain passes. Filled with ferocious monsters, hidden traps, and thieves, the road to the Lair of the Golden Condor is not for the faint of heart. Shiren is determined to succeed and claim the riches that await the first hero to reach the mythic land. In this classic RPG, you'll move in a turn-based manner through randomly generated dungeons that provide a great challenge and lasting replay value. Outwit your enemies using advanced tactics and clever puzzle solving skills while finding mysterious items, numerous spells and other equipment to help you on your journey. If you can survive to solve the mystery, you'll find the fortune that you seek. [Sega]
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Rating: E
Developer: ChunSoft
Genre(s): Role-Playing, General, General, Roguelike
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Mild Fantasy Violence
Cast Credit
Ryuichi Sato Programming
Hayato Matsuo Composition
Shigeyuki Sakakibara Development Management
Koichi Sugiyama Composition
Junior Sison Localization
Yuji Saito Development Management
Shin-ichiro Tomie Playwright
Kaoru Hasegawa Original Drawing
Seiichiro Nagahata Planning
Hiroyoshi Umetani Planning
Emiko Tanaka Planning
Yoriki Daigo Planning
Fuyuhiko Koizumi Art
Fujimi O-nishi Art
Yoshinari Kaiho Art
Chika Hirano Art
Yuki Uda Art
Yuko Nakagawa Art
Isao Suwa Art
Masayasu Yamamoto Programming
Shinichi Sato Programming
Hiroshi Oonuki Programming
Takanori Suzuki Programming
Daisaku Nakanishi Programming
Yuji Koyama Programming
Yukihiro Kawano Programming
Hiroyuki Kuwata Programming
Misaki Okibe Acoustic Effects
Ryo Oonuki Acoustic Effects
Chiyoko Matsuo Acoustic Effects
Ryoma Nakamura Acoustic Effects
Chika Nishino Development Management
Mitsuhiko Auto Development Management
Keith Dwyer Localization
Ken Balough Localization
Jason Bianchi Localization
Rishad Virgin Localization
Michael Honrada Localization
Ray Brown Localization
Christine Letheby Localization
Joe Floyd Localization
John Belcher Localization
Mike Hayes Localization
Gary Dunn Localization
Akiko Uchida Localization
Gary Knight Localization
Hiromi Ando Localization
Mark Le Breton Localization
Ben Curtis Localization
Deanne Anderson Localization
Andrew Glass Localization
Mohammed Ajaib Localization
Shunpei Hashimoto Localization
Hironori Ishigami Director
Yoshinori Asai Producer
Yasuhiko Sameshima Producer
Masanao Maeda Producer
Hiroyuki Miyazaki Producer
Koichi Nakamura Executive Producer
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#18 Most Discussed DS Game of 2008
#19 Most Shared DS Game of 2008