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  1. Positive: 17 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. 75
    As an enjoyable, pick-up-and-play package with a sublimely simple design, N+ succeeds, and it's hard not to recommend for the price. Just be wary of the inevitable eyestrain, and if you're only going to play it at home, make sure you've exhausted the XBLA and PC versions first. It's still the most badass ninja simulator around...just less so.
  2. If game-induced hypertension is not your idea of fun, then N+ may not be for you. But if it is, the $20 price tag will also be a... plus.
  3. The second screen really adds a great new dynamic to the gameplay, and the classic feel of the game is as sharp as ever. I really can't recommend this title enough; it is very fun to play, and the online modes provide endless replay value.
  4. N+ on the Nintendo DS is a fun, polished game for what it is ... a collection of obstacle courses. But it’s a polished and tight experience, to be sure, although I do feel that the game could benefit from having a tighter overall goal structure versus an open series of mini-challenges.
  5. Even if you don’t care about crafting your own stages, the virtually limitless stream of everyone else’s content will keep replay value high long after you’ve beaten all of the on?disc levels.
  6. 70
    While N+ is a polished game, I am fine leaving N as a nice Internet distraction, even if the controls aren't quite as tight as when you play these handheld versions.
  7. The gameplay is simple and easy to master, but it is also challenging enough to keep gamers pounding themselves in disgust because of whatever mistake they're bound to make in the game's 200+ levels.
  8. Its multiplayer is disappointing, but the single player experience which is the real meat of the game is as solid as it ever has been and marks a great entry for the franchise onto the DS.
  9. The addictive gameplay and stylish design of N+ fit almost perfectly into the tight confines of today's handhelds.
  10. 80
    It may not be an easy game, but N+ is certainly addictive, and its design makes it a fantastic portable game.
  11. Multiplayer co-op and competitive matches are just as much fun as they were on XBLA with modes such as racing and tag to take part in. Still, the bread and butter of n+ is the single-player ninja action and while the game can be quite a frustrating slog, it never truly feels crushing.
  12. If you’ve never played N or N+, then it’s suggested you pick up N+ on the DS as soon as possible. You definitely won’t regret the purchase of this stellar platforming puzzle title.
  13. 90
    This is an extremely polished game that fits the DS like a glove. It's got style, grace, and attitude, and it feels good to play. The physics are great, and almost every level is fiendishly clever.
  14. Minimalistic visuals, simplified controls, brilliant level design and level editor – mix those ingredients in proper ratio and you got one of the best games for NDS. Line N plus. [Oct 2008]
  15. 80
    There's simply no excuse to not buy N+.
  16. Unbelievably annoying and liable to trigger extreme rage at any moment, but it's as addictive as it is nasty, and worth a punt for masochistic fans of the online original. [Dec 2008, p.71]
  17. The easily frustrated should probably stay away, and for what it is, the game's MSRP of $29.99 seems a bit steep. [May 2008, p.89]
  18. Another DS classic in the offing - N+ is pure video game brilliance, unsullied by needless distractions.
  19. If you have any interest in challenging platformer gameplay, you need to play this. Period.
  20. N+ is exactly the kind of game that's tailor-made for the DS, and I don't mean that it uses the touch-screen. Quick and simple, this is the kind of distraction that can easily be picked up for five minutes and put right back down again, making it ideal for killing those last few minutes of a lunch break.
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  1. MarcvanErp
    Sep 18, 2008
    I think N+ is a good game, but despite how much fun it is, it is way too short. I finished this game in +- 4 hours, and if you compare that to N-game on the pc (which is free for download by the way) it just doest measure up to it. N+ is also alot easier than N-game for the pc, which is not only due to the easier levels but some things in the game mechanics have been changed to the little ninja's aventage. So in conclusion, N+ is a good game, but I will stop playing it in less than a week, whereas the pc version will probably ruin my future exams. Full Review »
  2. Aug 15, 2013
    If you are into Ninja games, you'll most likely enjoy this game. Really addicting and somehow challenging, non-linear story mode. I wish Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection worked for this game, it doesn't. Full Review »
  3. DME
    Oct 23, 2010
    Graphics are improved. But sound is pretty much the same (except for 3 new BGM tracks). There are only 200 single player levels, where as Nv14 (the freeware game for PC) has 400. Multiplayer requires more than one copy of the game (not worth it) and Wifi Online Capabilities have been terminated... leaving us with a nearly pointless level editor. Controls are very impressive and it fits the DS well. But the levels just aren't as challenging as Nv14. If you want a real challenge, then download the freeware. If this game had more replay value, working WiFi, a longer campain, and single-card multiplayer, then all would be good. But "would-be" just isn't. Full Review »