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  • Summary: Making full use of the Nintendo DS dual screens, touch functionality, and microphone, Ontamarama provides an entertaining level of challenge for novice players, while offering challenging play modes for advanced gamers. Fast reflexes and a keen sense of rhythm are the keys to success in this frantic, fun, and addictive music-based game. On a peaceful tropical island, Ontama roam free. These gentle sound spirits, when properly conducted, offer the people of the land a beautiful and enchanting symphony. Wishing to rob the inhabitants of this joy, an evil demon begins to control the natives into capturing the Ontama. Two aspiring “Ontamaestros”, Beat and Rest, discover the plot and decide to foil the evil demon’s scheme by challenging the villagers under the demon’s control in order to release the trapped Ontama. [Atlus USA] Expand
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  1. 90
    The game isn't perfect, but in the end it certainly comes across as one of the most amusing music titles I've played in recent memory.
  2. 73
    On one hand it blends two really good ideas with slightly sloppy gameplay to create a game that is more frantic than fun. On the other hand, the complex combo system allows you to get an experience unlike anything else on the DS. That is to say, when it works, it really works well.
  3. In spite of its flaws, Ontamarama is a solid rhythm game that will appeal to gamers who haven't had much to groove to on DS since last year's "Elite Beat Agents". [Holiday 2007, p.86]
  4. Ontamarama is certainly no Elite Beat Agents, but its style of gameplay is definitely unique. Perhaps it should have been called Multitasking Training in Japan in order to gain better sales.
  5. Ontamarama comes across as a throwaway piece of entertainment, but there's a surprising amount of enjoyment to be had with it.
  6. If what Ontamarama was trying to do was advance the music game genre, it sort of has. But, if a sequel can better integrate the two strands of its gameplay, we could have a real hit.
  7. Ontamarama is a cute, quirky, and incredibly challenging addition to the rhythm game genre, yet there is definite room for improvement.

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  1. Dec 7, 2011
    Rhythm and music game for the DS that's not bad, but doesn't quite cut it, compared to other rhythm games available for the DS. A poorer version of Elite Beat Agents. Expand