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  • Summary: In the Pokemon Black Version 2 game, players can explore new areas, discover gyms with new leaders and see how everything has changed in the last two years.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 45 out of 56
  2. Negative: 0 out of 56
  1. Oct 3, 2012
    Pokémon Black Version 2 is far more than a traditional mid-generation release, with enough new and repurposed content to keep you occupied for months on end.
  2. Oct 15, 2012
    Newcomers and hardcore fans who played the original titles will be served with the best Poké-game ever made and one of the best and deepest action-adventure-RPG titles on Nintendo DS.
  3. Oct 25, 2012
    Are Pokémon Black and White 2 just as impressive as other Pokémon games? No. Can you enjoy the games just as much as any other Pokémon game? Yes! Pokémon Black and White 2 are refined versions of the first Pokémon Black and White games that offers enough new content to keep you entertained for forty, sixty or even a hundred hours of Pokéfun. Just don't expect any revolutionary changes.
  4. Oct 1, 2012
    Pokémon is as complex as it's ever been but still extremely accessible to those who want to play for the first time. With Black 2 & White 2, Game Freak has actually created an entirely new story to accompany its usual 3rd (and 4th) installment to generation 5. Unfortunately, the story feels like a less enthralling narrative than the original installments.
  5. Oct 24, 2012
    I want to find 'em all, catch 'em all and train 'em all. But on the other side I dread the level grind, the shallow role-playing and the rocky online connectivity. Then again you get solid and motivating entertainment over weeks, months, if not years. But I am not as euphoric as I thought I should be.
  6. Nov 7, 2012
    Overall, I think creating an actual sequel to the existing dual releases seems to be a more interesting approach than simply crafting a third standalone game that offers up refinements but rehashes the general plot and setting, which is pretty much the way handheld Pokémon adventures have operated since the beginning.
  7. Oct 19, 2012
    If you are an avid Pokémon fan, what you get with Black & White Version 2 is a true Pokémon experience.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 41 out of 44
  2. Negative: 2 out of 44
  1. Nov 5, 2012
    Best Pokemon game ever. The story is very intriguing & will make you ask what would happen next. The best part is the contents of the game. You won't get bored with this. Collapse
  2. Jul 1, 2013
    I have played Gold, Ruby, Platinum, HeartGold and Black before, and to compare, this game got replay value. Lots of it. If you're ever going to play it, do it now while the Pokemon Global Link is supporting the game. Yes, the Pokemon Dream World is quite childish, but if you just ignore that, you have LOTS of available pokemon, without even trading. Probably the most of any game in the series. When you get through the game, Join Avenue is probably the best thing that has happened to the game. The grind to hatch eggs, happiness, EVs and levels are probably the reasons why most people won't bother trying to get the perfect pokemon. Getting money isn't difficult at all, as you can trade (easily with other players) and plant ultra rare berries in the Dream World, and earn about 600K per day when you get your first stack. Not even that, you can use Join Avenue to get lots of money with the treasure shop. But enough about that. When you get through the game, you can unlock different modes, which differs from Black 2 and White 2, Easy and Challenge mode in addition to the normal game. Black 2 got Challenge mode, which is probably the only thing you want, as most people would like the game to be a tiny bit more challenging. Yes, Black 2 is the easiest game in the series. Easily. But, it's better that it's too easy, than too difficult, as there are lots of rules you can set in your mind to make it challenging. So it's just good that the game becomes easy for the casual players, but can still be challenging for the veterans. And the 5th gen got the best legendaries since 2nd gen. To end, this is by far the best pokemon game in terms of gameplay. Though I hate those foongus... Expand
  3. Oct 16, 2012
    Pokemon Black and White 2 are one of the best entries in the series so far. There are a mixture of small and big changes, but all make the game feel fresh. The simple inclusion of pre-Unova Pokemon and new starting towns helps the starting zone feel new and exciting. While I generally preferred the story in Black and White, the journey to the Elite Four I found much more enjoyable in Black and White 2. Other additions include the Pokestar Studios (a film making "minigame", that is very enjoyable), Join Avenue (sort of like a customizable mall) and Pokemon World Tournament (which allows you to battle past Gym Leaders and Champions). The Memory Link was also a clever feature, allowing players who have completed Black and White to get new pieces of story in the two year gap. If you liked any of the Pokemon games at all, you'll like this one. Expand
  4. Apr 25, 2013
    Fantastic continuation of the story from Black and White, this game wraps it up nicely. love the new forms of Kyurem. Always loved these games, always will. Expand
  5. Oct 31, 2012
    In short, it improves upon everything that was introduced in B/W 1. With all new zones, a wider Pokemon roster, more attention to detail and generally so much more to do, once you go B/W 2, you'll never want to go back. Arguably the best game in my opinion since the original Gold/Silver. The only qualms I have with this particular entry is the plot, which went out with a whimper, unlike the original's fantastic climax. Which is a shame, considering they got everything else just right.

    It is rather sad, however, as this will be the last G5 game, seeing as Game Freak will probably head off to do a remake of Sapphire/Ruby for the DS, before finally moving to the 3DS. By then, maybe fans will finally get the definitive Pokemon game to rule them all.
  6. Oct 7, 2012
    A game that packs more punch than it would appear on the surface. For the first time in franchise's history, the traditional "third version" feels like an actual new adventure instead of the same experience repackaged. For starters, the dex got massively expanded - a whopping 150 Pokemon (more than ever before) were added to the Unova Pokedex, including fan-favourites such as Growlithe and Eevee. Picking your final 6 of such a massive collection is nothing short of a challenge, and greatly contributes to the series already excellent replayability. The way you progress through the map is also very different - several new zones were added, and on top of that, each of the old zones got nicely redesigned, making them feel fresh. The game is also feels a bit less linear than BW - there are more caves, hidden secrets, more non-obligatory routes and places (like a haunted house). However, several problems, some of which were present in BW1, still remain unsolved. Musicals only "advantage" is that you're not forced to play them this time around. The hyped Pokemon World Tournament is frankly a poor man's Battle Frontier - no amount of fanservice is going to hide the fact that it's a compilation of easy, boring battles that any half-competent player will breeze through in 10 minutes tops. Online service is still mediocre at best - Dream World should only be played by total masochists, Random Match-ups are marred by disconnectors and cheaters, while Global trade station still allows for ridiculous things such as the famed lv.9 Reshiram (not legally obtainable by any means!). Despite this, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 remain a great addition to the DS collection, and a game that hopefully all future "third versions" will follow suit. Expand
  7. Dec 16, 2013
    My review on Pokémon Black and White 2
    [Part 1] part one is about battle actions, glitches and bad looking Pokémon.

    If you like Pokémon
    B.W. you might not like Pokémon Black and White 2.This version isn’t a big improvement. While there are two new forms for Kyurem [Pokémon] it looks dangerous and ugly. In the game the images are the same as in Black and White.
    Some Pokémon battle actions [where they move or look stupid] look like they died. Charizard’s battle action is the worst. In the original games Charizard could never bend his neck but in Black and White 2 his neck is always bent. Why did they ruin it?
    There are a lot of glitches in Pokémon Black and White 2 like Dodrio [normal and flying type Pokémon]. The game allows you to teach it the H.M. [hidden move] Fly which allows you to fly to places you’ve been.
    Dodrio does not have wings and three heads I mean like how does it fly? It’s stupid! Another glitch is Ghost girl. I’m not sure if she’s a glitch, she is a question in the game. If she is not a glitch she is a question left unanswered. No one knows what she is supposed to be for.
    Overall, I would not recommend you to spend any money on this game.

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