Mixed or average reviews - based on 19 Critics

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  1. If classic RPG gameplay appeals to you, Ragnarok DS has you covered. Though there is some repetition and frustrating boss battles, the mix of a retro feel and the smart, snappy writing make Ragnarok DS something special.
  2. 70
    I can sum up Ragnarok DS in one word: mediocre.
  3. 70
    Ragnarok DS feels long for the sake of being long. With so few areas to visit, the game artificially lengthens itself by forcing you to visit each area far more times than is actually fun.
  4. To be frank, even if I hadn’t played this game as a kid, I would have bought it; my man crush on XSeed is enough for me, but I can’t recommend this game for anyone who hasn’t played the MMO beforehand.
  5. This game is great for fans of the online title who are looking for a more focused story adventure set in a familiar world. Everyone else can easily find a more interesting alternative.
  6. It has no pop, nothing that stands out. Every character, except Sierra, speaks the same way and more often than not comes across as completely clueless, even when talking about something they claim to know about.
  7. Clumsy controls, a boring story full of cliches, continuous loading times make Ragnarok DS sink in the ocean of quality JRPGs available for Nintendo DS.
  8. Nintendo Power
    It tends to feel more like running in place - as the man says, there's not much point to it. [Mar 2010, p.91]
  9. 50
    Strip away the camaraderie, competition, and character interaction of the online experience, and Ragnarok DS simply sticks you with all the hardcore monster-slaying and loot grinding of an MMO without the payoff of being able to crush other human opponents under your mighty battle-hardened boot.
  10. The single-player campaign is a long, text-filled, boring grind, and the multiplayer is even worse.
  11. Be prepared for many yawns and questions of, “What better is there to do with my time?”
  12. Ultimately, if the job system had been integrated along with a memorable story and exciting battle mechanics, then Ragnarok DS could have been a very compelling game. That isn't the case, though, and instead we're left with a clearly sub-par RPG that manages to do little more than waste time and take up shelf space that should be reserved for better games.
  13. In the end, Ragnarok DS is a forgettable title, for which only die hard fans of the franchise or RPGs need apply. All others would be better off ignoring the title, and picking up one of DS's other-- and much better-- RPG offerings instead.

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 17 Ratings

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  1. Jan 21, 2013
    After playing Ragnarok Online for quite a few years, I was excited to play one of my favorite games wherever I went. However, right after theAfter playing Ragnarok Online for quite a few years, I was excited to play one of my favorite games wherever I went. However, right after the opening scene I realized this was going to be far from the Ragnarok I knew and loved. Ragnarok DS is much much more story driven than the MMORPG and rightfully so. It's a little hard to play a massively MULTIPLAYER game by yourself so the added story gives you something nice to go with.
    However, the story provided is very much a carbon-copy of, well, pretty much every single other RPG game out there. The combat is fun, but gets repetitive after a while but is made up with fairly nice skill progression and customization.

    The biggest downside to this game is the repetitive environments and backtracking. You'll find yourself going through the same cave over and over again on different quests and it gets pretty old pretty fast.
    The music can also get dry and overused because of this, the most annoying songs also used in the most frequented places. However, there are a few songs that really make the game pop.

    The game isn't short, although that's probably due to backtracking through miles of the same dungeons.

    Overall, Ragnarok DS is an okay game and, while repetitive, gives you quite a bit to do. The character progression is nice and the story is cute. If you're a fan of Ragnarok Online, I suggest at least trying this game out.
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  2. DanG
    Feb 16, 2010
    Amazing game, although the WiFi play is a little iffy the overall single player experience is very rewarding.