Generally favorable reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
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  1. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    As beautiful as it is joyous to play, Soul Bubbles really deserves your attention. [June 2008, p.78]
  2. n-Revolution Magazine UK
    A terrifically inventive game and entertainment of this standard is truly good for the soul, so do yourself a favour and get it in. [July 2008, p.68]
  3. 90
    Soul Bubbles is an original game, beautifully executed, perfectly suited for the DS, using the touch screen to its full potential. I would love to find some fault with it, but I simply can't. Okay, I did get frustrated from time to time, but it was enormously satisfying when I finally got all my little spirits to safety.
  4. It doesn't really reach its full potential until halfway through the game, but if you stick it out, you'll find a brilliant, if short-lived, gem.
  5. Games Master UK
    A cracking action puzzler that proves we don't need mindless violence to have a good time. [July 2008, p.75]
  6. Soul Bubbles is a grand action/puzzler for serious gamers. That doesn’t necessarily mean hardcore gamers, but for those who are serious about gaming, appreciate daring concepts, and aren’t afraid to try new things.
  7. Though its charmingly innocent and brightly colored visuals (and its status as a Toys“R”Us exclusive title) may suggest that it’s just another boring kiddy game, don’t be fooled into passing this up.
  8. Soul Bubbles is filled with unexpectedly sophisticated sequences like that, and they are a true sign that the people behind it not only know exactly what they're doing, but they also know what constitutes excellent game design.
  9. 84
    There is surprising depth to its puzzles, and it’s great to see the DS host such a great and intuitive idea again after months of copycat shelf-filler.
  10. The only thing preventing Soul Bubbles from being a classic is its insistence on telling you what you must be doing, making the game a stroll in the park. It's still well worth playing and a shining example of the kind of originality we haven't seen on the DS all that often in the last year.
  11. Refreshingly original bubble-guiding game. Slow and sublime but also deviously tough, with lots to see and find. Don't let this one float away.
  12. Soul Bubbles definitely has enough distinct charm to override the inevitable "LocoRoco" comparisons, with a superb control system and delightful art style carrying you through for the entire game. Were it not for the slow start, it might have left a deeper impression sooner, but some wonderful level design and smart ideas later on eventually deliver on its obvious promise.
  13. 80
    Soul Bubbles does a magnificent job of feeding its unique approach to strategy and puzzle-solving at a constant yet measured pace, never leaving you with one bubble manipulating technique for long.
  14. 80
    Soul Bubbles is never intense nor is it ever frustrating – it’s just a nice, calm and soothing action game that’s easy to get into and very fun to play.
  15. If you like your puzzle games then Soul Bubbles is well worth a purchase, it’s fun, well structured, and whilst it does have a couple of very minor faults, is a very compulsive game that you’ll want to keep picking up until you’ve completed it.
  16. 80
    It's great fun, charming and surprisingly witty.
  17. A wonderfully calming experience which offers enough refreshing puzzling to feel like a title the DS was built for.
  18. 80
    Soul Bubbles will keep you engaged longer than the real thing and is definitely worth a look.
  19. The great presentation - especially the audio effects - makes superb use of the handheld’s capabilities.
  20. If you enjoy something unique and want to change things up a bit, and if you want something that looks pleasing to the eye while you play on the go and is also fun to play, I would suggest giving Soul Bubbles a shot.
  21. 80
    A really fun little title that has plenty on offer for everyone whether that be the die-hard or the casual.
  22. Despite our misgivings about the game's long-term appeal, Soul Bubbles is still considerably more polished and better produced than the vast majority of DS software.
  23. A very simple and rather easy game with about 50 different levels. There's nothing else after getting through Story Mode, but you can replay every single one of the levels and try to improve your score…unless it was flawless to start with!
  24. Edge Magazine
    Soul Bubbles is so enchanting, its fundamental behaviour so neatly realised, that you can forgive it being a little simple. [July 2008, p.97]
  25. Offering a slice of diversity to the DS' already wide and varied catalogue, Soul Bubbles is an intriguing prospect let down by the lack of any genuine challenge or long-term value.
  26. games(TM)
    The competition is just too strong for Soul Bubbles to ever really elevate itself beyond cute, cult status. A good puzzler then, but not a great one. [July 2008, p.122]
  27. Soul Bubbles is charming, beautiful, and soothing, but it won't keep you coming back.
  28. Soul Bubbles is undoubtedly an interesting game, but I have to admit it was hard to express and portray the appeal of the game in words.
  29. 70
    Sadly, it will not take you long to make your way through the stages on offer. Collecting the Calabash presents something of a challenge, and you are given a ranking after each stage which gives a touch of replay value to proceedings.
  30. Soul Bubbles is a welcome addition to the DS. It’s fun, it’s challenging and most of all, it’s worth your time.
  31. Nintendo Power
    Soul Bubbles is on the right track toward greatness, but we'll have to hope for a fully realized sequel before it gets there. [July 2008, p.90]
  32. Soul Bubbles is unique puzzle title in the same vein as Katamari Damacy and Loco Roco. As with those titles, Soul Bubbles is meant to be played in short bursts rather then long stretches as the gameplay gets tiresome after playing to long. If you enjoyed navigating through Loco Roco, or guiding mario through bubbles in Super Mario Galaxy then this is a puzzle game right up your alley.
  33. 58
    Outside of challenging you to find that lone collectible item, the game doesn't hold much incentive for repeat play. No other modes are in the game at all -- no challenge levels, no minigames, nothing. With minimal replay value, repetitive levels, and little of LocoRoco's charm, it's hard to get too excited about a game that, while serviceable, is ultimately rather forgettable.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 23 Ratings

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  1. Jan 8, 2011
    Soul Bubbles is thoroughly enjoyable and creates a whole new concept of game, using the mic features expertly to master all the uniqueSoul Bubbles is thoroughly enjoyable and creates a whole new concept of game, using the mic features expertly to master all the unique functions of the DS. Like New Super Mario Bros, the story mode is somewhat lacking, but the new and improved features of Soul Bubbles make this a stand out game. A great attempt by Eidos Interactive. Full Review »
  2. EJC
    Sep 27, 2010
    I agree with davidcraig. Picked this up on a on a rainy afternoon last week after playing it through a couple of years ago and got suckedI agree with davidcraig. Picked this up on a on a rainy afternoon last week after playing it through a couple of years ago and got sucked right in all over again. Beautiful art, wonderful audio, simple but clever design. The sort of stuff you'd expect from Nintendo at their best, but made by a tiny studio in Paris. Without doubt, one of the best games I have ever played on DS. Ever.
    Pure class.
    Full Review »
  3. Sep 2, 2010
    It's such a shame this one sold so poorly, because it's absolutely brilliant. Highly reccomended. This could be one of the best games on DS?