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  • Summary: (Also known as "Dead 'n' Furious") Touch the Dead is a fast-paced, first-person shooter that takes gamers on a daring journey through a world taken over by zombies. Gamers play as Rob Steiner (a.k.a. Prisoner #1809), a man who wakes up to find himself the lone human in a jail teeming with zombies. Players use a deadly arsenal of melee and projectile-based weapons and come face-to-face with the never-ending swarm of zombie-captors, none of whom have avoided the icy cold touch of the undead. Along the way, gamers use the DS touch screen to destroy anything - from inmates to prison staff - that stands in the way of the escape route that leads to safety and a new living world. And for gamers too weak to fight the good fight alone, they can take advantage of the DS wi-fi and bring in reinforcements. [Eidos Interactive] Collapse
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  1. Positive: 3 out of 31
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  1. Hugely enjoyable, if a touch short, but with enough replay value and atmosphere to make it work really well. [Oct 2007, p.88]
  2. What I would hope for this title is for a sequel with improved graphics, sound, and control. If this one is just the first and spawns an entertaining series, then I can forgive the pilot's mishaps. So, here's hoping!
  3. If you are too chicken to go through it yourself, there is always the co-op mode to have a partner hold your hand.
  4. The shuffling, drooling hordes of zombie fans will enjoy this pared-down, unpretentious shooter.
  5. 55
    Touch the Dead is like a decent B-grade horror movie: sure it's laughably bad at points but there's a loveable camp quality to it that makes it worth enduring through.
  6. 45
    The firing mechanic is supremely functional, but everything else that remains within is not and that's what takes this game for being for the supreme light gun gamer and turns it into a no brainer.
  7. 20
    It moves really slowly through some of the most boring levels in the history of the genre, and constantly drops new enemies into the scene completely out of nowhere. It’s just not fun at all.

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