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  • Summary: TouchMaster 3 is packed with challenging and addictive mini games for players of all ages and abilities, making it a great gift and perfect for holiday travel. Making full use of the DS touch screen and stylus, TouchMaster 3 is perfect for quick play sessions or hours of fun, and players can work through puzzles alone or compete head-to-head. Up to two players can compete using local wireless in addition to single player and download play options. Players take on action, word, puzzle, strategy and card game challenges to become a TouchMaster expert. The game features 16 brand new games to the franchise including Bumperball, Canon Fire, Domino Run, Nine Hole, Electro Maze, Sea Word, Stud Royale, Target Royale, Counterweight, Block Dropper, Fuse Line, Slime Assault, Recall, Chef Memory, Sludge Works and Wild Words. Newly updated games include Prisma Tix 2, Dice King 2, Triples Plus, and Poker Slide Challenge. TouchMaster 3 contains updated graphics and features new 3D art in the trophy rooms for a more enjoyable and visually appealing gameplay experience. Players can track progress by collecting trophies and badges to earn wizard points and unlock new titles. Gamers can earn all 500 wizard points and become the Grand Touch Master! [Warner Bros.] Expand
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  1. Despite these issues, TouchMaster 3's neat presentation and overall variety set it apart from most other packages of mini-games.
  2. 79
    Touchmaster continues to be a solid brand on the Nintendo DS – Touchmaster 3 is not overwhelmingly awesome, but it is definitely one of those cartridges that's perfect for anyone since its chock full of variety.
  3. Fans of the franchise will need no more encouragement and will enjoy the title immediately upon purchase. For those who are craving some fun gaming in quick bites, this title will suit you nicely.
  4. Touchmaster 3 is hold in the same tradition as the two former games of the series. 20 entertaining casual games should contain something for everyone.
  5. Touchmaster 3 is a decent compilation, with a bunch of fun minigames and a nice graphics. On the other hand some problems like irritating sound, boring games (such as Domino Run or Sea World) and a not-so-clever replay value slows the product, that cannot stand near the top title games such as 42 all time classics.
  6. A decidedly average game with missed potential. It's worth trying out but not at full price.
  7. Touchmaster 3 is probably going to sit on a shelf somewhere. Only pick up Touchmaster 3 if you want a "chaser" or something to let off a bit of steam.
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