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  • Summary: "the original iPod's Parachute game is back" Adam Immersive "Like Sabotage But Better" Adam ****************************************************** Toy Raid here! Relive your favorite toy memories by challenging some of the most epic toy battles from your childhood in over 50 action-filled levels. With its bright and colorful toy styled visuals and toy inspired audio, Toy Raid has been called one of the most exciting iPhone shooting games. Grab your iPhone or iPod and battle wave-upon-wave of relentless enemies in Toy Raid. Toy Raid feature and endless mania of Toy Enemies attacking you. Toy Raid Is and Exciting casual fun arcade game with simple and fun controls that can be just picked up and played easily by all. ****************************************************** PRESS REVIEWS: ****************************************************** "Toy Raid" Is Simple Shooter Fun" "Open Fire with Toy Raid!" "the original iPod's Parachute game is back" Adam Immersive "A seemingly endless stream of planes to shoot down" Toy Raid was featured on the Tom Green Show In Webovision See the episode Featuring Toy Raid here. ***************************************************** HOW TO PLAY: ***************************************************** -Destroy all the Parachutes by shooting them -Touch controls swipe left or right to move cannon -Tilt Controls tilt phone left or right to move cannon -Shake Control Unique feature shaking the phone destroys all enemies with Nuke. Relive the epic Toy battles of your childhood in high resolution with realistic Toy's, massive explosions, and heart-pounding SFX & Action! Watch plane wreckage burst into flames! Hear enemy paratroopers scream as they plummet to their doom! Grab every special weapon and nuke to keep your anti-air cannon alive through 50+ levels of mayhem as helicopters, planes, jets, zeppelins, UFOs, and paratroopers attempt to bomb your base into oblivion! Control your aim by touch, or use the tilt option to move the cannon with just a flick of the wrist. Shake to unleash a Nuke on a screen full of unsuspecting enemies. Toy Raid’s intense action will satisfy your craving for that classic arcade feel! The Toy Raid game is a fusion of new and old that's fun for all. ********************************************************* ********************************************************* Gameplay Tips: ********************************************************* -Destroy all Biplanes and get power ups -Destroy Parachutes when they are close to landing -Conserve Nukes for when you have a lot of enemies ********************************************************* Gameplay Videos: ********************************************************* 1. Http:// 2. Http:// 3. Http:// ******************************************************* Game Features: ******************************************************* Over 50 levels 6 Power-ups to choose from Play with Tilt or Touch Controls Languages: English Spanish Keyword: Toyraid,Mecho wars,camera zoom Expand
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