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  1. Positive: 11 out of 32
  2. Negative: 3 out of 32
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  1. 80
    Surprisingly solid and well developed, even if it lacks a huge assortment of features and won't exactly win a beauty pageant with its visual appeal. True Swing Golf's real value is in its tight use of the touch screen to pull off a great playing game of golf.
  2. Even if the touch-screen controls hadn't stripped away much of the subtlety of the sport, True Swing Golf would still be a lean and flavorless game of golf.
  3. Game Informer
    Numerous (but lackluster) courses and a local wireless multiplayer option give the game some legs, but there's not much beyond the enjoyable swing mechanic that really impresses. [Feb 2006, p.111]
  4. Like a mini-game disguised as a real game. It's very generic in terms of gameplay and graphics and despite the poor inclusion of the touch screen controls and dual screen, the handheld novelty of the game doesn't add any "wow" factor either.
  5. 70
    Perhaps True Swing's biggest problem, however, is its complete and utter lack of personality.
  6. It's not big or boisterous, the characters don't squeak at you in comedy accents and you don't get to unlock Bowser or anything (at least I should hope not), and that's what high-end golf is often like: quietly dignified, a sport of concentration. The occasional lucky chip-in is satisfying, but the real pleasure comes from getting it right because you thought about it.
  7. True Swing Golf's attempt to revolutionize video golf swings and misses thanks to its oversimplified control, marginal delivery and uninspired play modes, so we recommend saving your cash for a cleaner, harder course.
  8. 70
    The top screen is completely cosmetic and, in actuality, you'll more than likely have your eyes trained on the bottom screen the majority of the time.
  9. 70
    It may not be the flashiest or most technically astute, but it's entertaining, well-suited for portable gaming -- something the competition still hasn't been able to figure out.
  10. You can hack your way through nine holes in one bus ride, thanks to fast animations. And, let's face it, if you're a big-time golfer there are not many DS options. Just don't expect much strategy or finesse or beauty.
  11. 40
    From the bland characters and bland graphics to the underdeveloped control system to the weak upgrades, there isn’t much to this game.
  12. I would pick True Swing Golf over Tiger just due to it’s innovative stylus swinging system.
  13. This arcade-style golf title gets the gameplay down to a 'tee', but lacks the much-needed colorful characters and online play, which would have made it a must-buy DS title.
  14. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    When the most exciting thing you can buy (aside from slicker clubs) is a new pair of slacks, you know you're playing no-frills golf. [Mar 2006, p.112]
  15. Despite its innovative touch screen swing concept, True Swing Golf simply doesn’t deliver. There isn’t enough customization, gameplay variety, or fun to be found.
  16. 60
    The inaccuracy of the swing and shot placement turns into a severe handicap for the game. True Swing Golf is passively entertaining, but won't suck anyone in as quickly or for as long as "Hot Shots" is able to.
  17. An element that remains inconsistent is the computer-controlled AI which can fluctuate between incompetent to god-life over the course of a single round.
  18. Nintendo Power
    At times the game seems almost too easy, but you do have to concentrate and often employ strategy to score birdies consistently. [Mar 2006, p.86]
  19. 60
    It's a about as monotonous as watching actual golf on TV.
  20. Computer Games Magazine
    If golf was indeed dull, as many non-fans wrongly suspect, True Swing Golf would be the perfect golf game. [Apr 2006, p.90]
  21. More like a tech demo of how the touch screen could be used to play golf, rather than a completely fleshed out experience in its own right.
  22. True Swing Golf may not have the visuals or sound to wow the average gamer, but it makes some definite headway in the gameplay and multiplayer department.
  23. While more serious in tone than say, Mario Golf, TS isn’t quite a simulation (really, do you normally play golf with a stylus?), but True Swing's interesting controls bring gamers closer to the greens than any other handheld golf title.
  24. 75
    The question here, though, is does this work effectively? Does the touch-screen manage to emulate the sport of golf to a degree that is realistic and workable? Yes, it does.
  25. True Swing Golf DS has a great control scheme... and nothing else to recommend it.
  26. At first it seems too easy to post sub-par scores, but once the more difficult courses are unlocked - along with stiffer winds, constantly undulating topography and tight fairways - the game is a more satisfying and enjoyable challenge.
  27. Some work needed to be done in fleshing out certain game modes and features for it to really stand out as a top DS title, but what’s here is great, long-lasting fun nonetheless.
  28. It’s hard to recommend True Swing except to the hardest of hardcore golf fans that simply must own every variation of the game possible, or to players very new to the realm of digital golf that likely won’t be put off by either its lack of standard features or it’s painfully easy shot execution.
  29. 85
    Don't let this game's boring name or boring content fool you. This is one of the best golf games out there.
  30. Even if I did whiff a time or two while familiarizing myself with the stylus, overall I found this game much easier than true golfing. It wasn't long before I was firing pars and birdies with relative ease.
  31. True Swing Golf easily outdoes Tiger Woods in the entertainment department, even if it doesn't host the excitement that the PGA can bring.
  32. True Swing Golf’s brilliance is in its simplicity almost anyone even non gamers will enjoy. [JPN Import]

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  1. NathanielG.
    Jul 5, 2007
    Hands down the best golf game on the DS!
  2. RobP.
    Jun 25, 2006
    I picked up TSG today for $19.99 at Best Buy (I think they have the price so low because they have too much inventory at the one here in I picked up TSG today for $19.99 at Best Buy (I think they have the price so low because they have too much inventory at the one here in town). Definitely buy this game if you can find it this cheap. It's priced around $30-35 at most other places, but for $20 it's a steal. I just played about 40 minutes straight, and it doesn't really get tiring. It can be hard to figure out how far a ball is really going to go based on your movement, but it's fun none the less. You won't have -30 scores like in Tiger Woods, but you can hang around par or -4 or so. Haven't tried the Wi-Fi (don't know anyone around here with a DS). This game really does utilize the touch screen A LOT, unlike several other DS games that hardly use it (Mario Kart for example). Pick it up, it has high replay value and is fun. Who cares if the graphics aren't poor, they can only fit so much on that little game card. Graphics are good enough for me, it's all about the golf, not the scenery. Full Review »
  3. PortableF.
    Apr 4, 2006
    I think sometimes the game reviewers are just leading such a stuck-up life. This game is alot more fun than any other portable golf game I think sometimes the game reviewers are just leading such a stuck-up life. This game is alot more fun than any other portable golf game I've ever played. It's not THAT easy. I can't the god-like scores I used to get in Tiger Woods, Hot Shots Golf, or Mario Golf. and I put a lot more emphasis on the skill required to hit the ball since I like real golf just as much, and this game does capture the nuances more, like a weird stroke would cause a slice, hook, draw, fade, etc. So screw the reviewers and get the game for yourself. Or wait for a Mario Golf version of it in the future if eye-candy is also your thing. Full Review »