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  • Summary: In Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise, players inherit a neglected garden on Pinata Island and turn it into a pinata paradise by tending to all aspects of cleaning the garden, growing and maintaining vegetation, caring for and breeding pinatas, as well as attracting new pinata species. The game features seven all-new pinata species, each with new requirements, houses and unique cut scenes. Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise also includes twelve full motion video clips that serve as tutorial levels within the game. The videos feature the stars of the Fox 4Kids Viva Pinata TV series, including Hudson Horstashio, Fergy Fudgehog and Paulie Pretztail. The brand-new Playground mode allows players to create a lush garden full of exciting and exotic pinatas in a very short amount of time. In addition, certain rare pinatas can only be acquired by using the Nintendo DS local wireless connection, where players can transfer items from their garden to a friend's garden. [THQ] Collapse
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  1. As a Viva Piñata first timer, I was totally at home right from the start. The game is pure, well-paced fun, with a great deal of variation and customization available.
  2. 90
    Overall, it is a fun game. Kids may need help from parents for reading. Other than that, anyone at any age can enjoy this game.
  3. 89
    It's a beautifully polished product and the ease of interaction immediately places this DS version miles ahead of its rather cumbersome console predecessor.
  4. Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise packs everything from the console original into a DS game.
  5. It’s a game that rewards you if you stick with it, and one that you’ll have a hard time leaving.
  6. Pocket Paradise is truly the Rare-franchise in your pocket. True, it doesn't bring the same graphic quality of the console versions, but it's still pretty playable. Besides that, the control scheme is much beter than that of his counterparts. This is one DS title that can compete with the big boys.
  7. An enjoyable experience, though clearly flawed in the same way its source material was flawed.

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  1. Krypter
    Oct 29, 2008
    A fun little game but nothing spectacular. The graphics are very crude, just very-low-rez polygons and would have benefited from a more 2D sprite approach. The gameplay is good, with interesting things happening all the time, but it's a bit frenetic. The storyline, as such, is minimal and most of it is spent teaching you the basics of the game. Collecting all the necessary bits to make your garden attractive to new pinatas can be a pain sometimes, since seeds and other items are not clearly marked nor are pinata requirements all that obvious until you've memorized all the game elements. However, it's still a good game for people with a strong collector's instinct. Expand