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  1. X-Men: The Official Game just isn't fun at all.
  2. A repetitive, bland game that also happens to be the worst use of a license I've ever seen.
  3. The DS version of X-Men tries too hard to take advantage of the DS’s touch screen, and this is where it fails. The play control is unique but tiring.
  4. X-Men: the Official Game for DS is the same licensing travesty we’ve seen so many times before.
  5. The DS version of X-Men misuses its characters, controls poorly, and is otherwise utterly generic.
  6. Granted, the targeting system is pretty unique to this kind of game, but thanks to it being fairly unresponsive, especially when things really heat up on screen, it ends up being completely derogatory.
  7. While some will simply love this game because it is X-Men, if you're looking for a game that's fast moving and innovative, this is not the game for you.
  8. We've found free games on the internet better than this. [Aug 2006, p.82]
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  1. sully
    May 25, 2006
    The game isn't that good, i mean in the ds version you can play as magneto which is kinda cool but there isn't enough action. I mean all you do in the game is use the stlyus to point at enemies to attack them. I wouldn't recomend you getting the game at least for ds, save your money for a better game. Full Review »