Yoshi Touch & Go DS


Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 41
  2. Negative: 1 out of 41
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  1. A game that you can pick up instantly, learn to play within seconds (watch the handy tutorial for all the moves) and then not put down for a fair few hours.
  2. It’s not perfect and it’s not quite the sole reason why we should be ditching our pads for stylus; however we’re becoming increasingly confident of Nintendo’s new stance.
  3. If you see it cheap, it's worth picking up; for anyone expecting a long-lasting game, however, you'll be disappointed.
  4. 88
    The game modes offer an enormous amount of replay in their simplistic design; the main game mode has a ton of "combo" strings to discover and pull off.
  5. Mixes elements of classic Mario games and sidescrolling shooters with touch screen controls for an experience like you’ve never played before.
  6. I liked this one, mostly because the gameplay is so strong. It would have been better had the game been longer and the designers tried breaking the mold in terms of the look and sound of the game.
  7. The gameplay in this title uses what the machine was developed for, innovation, and Nintendo gets huge credit for that.
  8. The novelty of the gameplay is almost palpable, but so are the game's tech demo roots.
  9. 65
    It sits uncomfortably on the borderline between puzzle game and platformer, but it lacks the substance of the latter while failing to capture the "zen trance" feel of something like "Tetris" or "Lumines."
  10. While the action can be borderline frantic, there’s just not enough content to satisfy anyone except maybe the very young or those who desire a full price game that struggle to be entertained for more than twenty minutes.
  11. You have to commend Nintendo for producing a pretty cool tech demo, but they failed to encapsulate it in a worthwhile game.
  12. Weekly Famitsu
    9 / 8 / 9 / 9 - 35 platinum [Jan 2005]
  13. Edge Magazine
    It certainly lacks the variety and sense of progress that great platform games can offer. But then it was never supposed to be a great platform game. It was supposed to be, and is, a great DS game. [Apr 2005, p.102]
  14. games(TM)
    Many will no doubt dismiss Catch!’s simplistic gameplay mechanics, but to do so would be to miss the point entirely. The DS’s raison d’etre is to give gamers exciting new ways to play games, and in this respect Catch! succeeds admirably. [Apr 2005, p.102]
  15. On the whole, it’s an addictive, highly entertaining, egg-chucking cloud-drawing high-scoring romp with plenty of replay value that positively reeks of the Nintendo Difference and is guaranteed to while away many a dull train journey.
  16. 60
    There is a limit placed on the skills you can develop, where speed and multi-tasking are the only real requirements, after which there isn't much else to explore.
  17. The core concept - whilst interesting, different and certainly as well executed as it can be - never quite hits the level of compulsiveness and excitement that other high-score games like "Meteos" and "Zoo Keeper" and, to a certain extent, the Mario 64 DS mini-games have already hit.
  18. AceGamez
    A unique concept alone isn't going to win the race, you need a lot of content for it as well. Nintendo has created some very addictive, enjoyable and challenging gameplay, but then prematurely dropped the ball by leaving it so short.
  19. Touch and Go is a new breed of platformer and, while it doesn't quite reach the heights of Wario Ware and Mario 64 DS, it is still an essential DS purchase. [NGC Pocket]
  20. Play Magazine
    This simple yet devilishly addictive touch-pen action game shows off the DS in the best possible light, providing a totally unique and fun experience. [Apr 2005, p.70]
  21. If you only had to do one thing at a time, it would be easy, but most of the time you’re dealing with three things and planning for the forth.
  22. 80
    Using the touchscreen exclusively for control, as well as the microphone and the top screen, means this simply isn't playable on anything other than the DS.
  23. Although it could have been a lot more with an extensive single player mode, the current build is brilliantly done for a high-score-setter.
  24. Offers some novelty, and a good casual gaming experience, but nothing that takes it beyond that.
  25. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    You really have to concentrate on becoming a multitasking fiend - it may look simple, but there's a lot of strategy. [Apr 2005, p.135]
  26. Unfortunately, once players have spent much time learning to play the game, it reveals itself to be critically limited in content—there really isn’t much to it.
  27. Once again Nintendo creates a game for the DS that is perfect for casual gamers, but if that doesn’t describe you, your hatred for this cute title will probably know no bounds.
  28. Game Informer
    Touch & Go's unique control scheme opens up a world of possibilities for the action/platform genre, and Nintendo has explored exactly two of them. [May 2005, p.126]
  29. Nintendo Power
    Deceivingly complex and addictive. [May 2005, p.91]
  30. 70
    This game feels like a mini-game that was hastily turned into a full product.
  31. A great advertisement for the DS, and a solid way to spend short bursts of hyperactive gaming time.
  32. Sure Yoshi was extremely innovative with its unique controls and I had fun but when does innovation mean that the overall game play experience to painfully short and lackluster? I felt cheated and so will tons of other DS players.
  33. I have to hand it to Nintendo for making another creative product, but it's more like a mini game than a complete DS title.
  34. 80
    This challenging game organized into vertical and horizontal levels makes excellent use of the DS dual-screen format.
  35. The game is delightfully simple to learn but requires tactics and quick thinking.
  36. 80
    If it's fun, unique touch-screen gaming you're looking for, Yoshi certainly has the touch.
  37. Pelaaja (Finland)
    As beautiful as Yoshi’s Island, as playable as Mario World and as crazy as Wario. [May 2005, p 93]
  38. 60
    While the vibrant color, cheerful sound, and whimsical theme are classic Nintendo, the title’s surprisingly narrow scope will make you wonder if Touch & Go was originally supposed to be a minigame for another title.
  39. Cheat Code Central
    A watered down puzzle/platformer that has little in common beyond the appearance of Mario's dino buddy.
  40. Aesthetically, the game carries over the same visual style seen in Yoshi’s Island except that now the colors are more solid and the environment less sketchy.
  41. The problem is, it’s only fun to play in short bursts.

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#15 Most Discussed DS Game of 2005
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 31 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 21
  2. Negative: 3 out of 21
  1. MaryeS.
    Mar 10, 2007
    Hard to figure out at first, you die too easily, gets frustrating and then gets boring. And I've only played it for a few minutes. Will Hard to figure out at first, you die too easily, gets frustrating and then gets boring. And I've only played it for a few minutes. Will probably return it for a different game. Not recommended for children. My 8 year old (who I bought it for) would have trouble figuring it out. Full Review »
  2. Jul 28, 2016
    In metascore I would rate this 77/100. Yoshi Touch & Go is a good Yoshi game but is a bit bland and the gameplay is repetitive. And besidesIn metascore I would rate this 77/100. Yoshi Touch & Go is a good Yoshi game but is a bit bland and the gameplay is repetitive. And besides that, that's my only problems. Full Review »
  3. Aug 24, 2014
    This game is the sort of game you'd only want to play if you had nothing better on you. The controls are confusing, the game fails to explainThis game is the sort of game you'd only want to play if you had nothing better on you. The controls are confusing, the game fails to explain them (there isn't even a help menu!), you die in one hit with no chance of survival, and all in all, it's boring and frustrating. Even worse, the game is very flat and boring, having very little variation on the gameplay- something that I adore in games. The only thing it has going for it is the pretty graphics. Otherwise, the game feels soulless and flat; it seems more like a quick attempt to pop the round-nosed dinosaur on the DS than an actual, full-fledged game. Full Review »