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  • Summary: Based on the new movie by Walden Media, Around the World in 80 Days takes you on a series of adventures. The story begins when the inventor Phileas Fogg takes on a bet against his nemesis, Lord Kelvin, that he can travel around the world in 80 days. As Passepartout, Fogg's French valet, you must accompany Fogg on a journey that begins in the streets of London and continues in Paris, Turkey, India, China, the western US deserts, and New York. Your mission is to help your companions safely pass through exotic locations, while overcoming dangerous obstacles and enemies. Expand
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  1. Given the limits of the system, I believe 80 Days acquits itself very well in the pantheon of GBA games, It doesn't stick out for any one feature, it is a bland, competent entry in the 2-D side scrolling action adventure group.
  2. The only adventure you'll have with it is trying to get your money back should you be so unlucky to have purchased it.
  3. Responsive control helps make the game an enjoyable play. [Oct 2004, p.124]
  4. To the game’s credit, the constantly progressing storyline and environments do give Around the World in 80 Days some pizzazz, but it can’t completely hide the repetitive, rudimentary gameplay.
  5. 35
    It's one of those games that cuts so many corners, you almost don't even notice that the same musical track plays through the whole thing because you've lowered your expectations so much.
  6. There aren't any two player options and the main game is remarkably short. There isn't anything to make you want to play Around The World In 80 Days again, particularly not the tedious and often frustrating gameplay.
  7. 10
    Absolutely worthless. If you see this game in the trash, don't bother fishing it out. Your life is too short to waste it on this stuff.

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