Barnyard Game Boy Advance

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  1. 60
    Barnyard is a kid's game, plain and simple. Even for fans of the movie, this game is going to be just a little too basic. However, for kids looking for a fairly free roaming game that offers a variety of minigames, Barnyard is a good choice.
  2. Some of the minigames are fun, and the story is charming, but it's tough to recommend a game that's absolutely done in less than three hours.
  3. The mini-games are a varied assortment, and feature randomization. However, the game is too short and too easy for older players.
  4. 50
    Every facet of the core gameplay is plain, making Barnyard for the GBA the most forgettable kind of throwaway entertainment. It's too bad, because it had the potential to be more than the usual mediocre film tie-in.
  5. The true Achilles heel of the game, however, is its playtime. Like many movie-licensed games for portable systems, Barnyard is done in three hours, tops.
  6. Once you get past the fact you are playing as a bull with an udder, there's quite a bit to enjoy in Barnyard. [Sep 2006, p.84]
  7. The mini-games range from mildly amusing (the raccoon-tossing one in particular) to dreadfully boring and bad (the fruit sorting game will be a frequent nightmare for me, I am sure) and the overall quality is unfortunately tilted towards the latter.
  8. It looks good, it's fun to play and thee's a lot to do around the farm. Young gamers who enjoyed the movie will find a lot to enjoy here.
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  1. DavyC.
    Nov 1, 2007
    This game is surprisingly good but is far too short.There are lots of mini-games though.