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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 25
  2. Negative: 0 out of 25
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  1. While "Final Fantasy IV Advance" has always been a favorite of mine from the SNES era as I grew up with it and enjoyed the shorter game with the emotional plot, this game really knocks the bar up a notch with quality gameplay and a more involving and ever evolving plot.
  2. AceGamez
    A mandatory purchase for any RPG lover or video game connoisseur.
  3. 90
    The conversion from Super NES to GBA is rock-solid, and American gamers who are only familiar with this "lost" classic from its shoddy PlayStation repackaging will be pleasantly surprised at how incredibly fast this game is.
  4. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    FFV Advance may seem the least of the trio, but don't be put off by its simple graphics or the fact that it's on the GBA--it's one of the series' best, and this is a better-than-perfect port. [Jan. 2007, p.111]
  5. 87
    All of the additions to the "Advance" port of Final Fantasy V are worthwhile, but it is a shame that the new jobs and bonus dungeon are only available right at the end of the game.
  6. A really well presented game with entertaining scenarios despite being a port from over a decade ago. RPG players and anyone else who has to yet to play these classics should have a fun time watching the story being played out. However, if you're looking for an RPG with a thorough challenge and interesting battle system, you should probably look else where. [JPN Import]
  7. 85
    It says a lot that after all these years, the class-changing system and its ATB mechanics still go toe-to-toe with just about everything that RPG manufacturers put out today. It's addictive, deep, and easy to pick up and play. What else do you need?
  8. Many English-speaking Final Fantasy fans may now experience what they've missed out on for years in this relatively obscure but thoroughly excellent installment of the classic role-playing series.
  9. Nintendo Power
    Well I was wrong, FINAL FANTASY V not only lives up to its namesake, but also delivers the definitive version of what is now apparent as one of the best titles in the series. [Dec. 2006, p.108]
  10. There is a lot to do and you'll get every penny's worth.
  11. The definitive version of an already great game, and in the shadow of other Final Fantasy releases, should not be missed.
  12. Not the best RPG of the year, nor is it even the most rewarding role-playing title on the Game Boy Advance. However, the game is without question one of the most polished portable RPGs to come to retail in recent months.
  13. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    One of the better Final Fantasy games, FFV improves upon the Job system but doesn't match the storyline "FFIV" or "FFVI". It's still one hell of a handheld adventure though. [Apr 2007, p.90]
  14. Learning and mastering new jobs while mixing and matching new abilities is such a deep and entertaining experience that the narrative becomes secondary. You can easily spend dozens and dozens of hours leveling up jobs and experimenting with them.
  15. This is more than just a museum piece for today's JRPG fan. The speed of the gameplay is in stark contrast to today's lumbering epics, something that suits and shines on the GBA.
  16. While not for those lacking experience points, Final Fantasy V Advance offers a highly customisable adventure for anyone seeking a role-playing challenge.
  17. Without question, this is the best way to experience Final Fantasy V. However, if you're the kind of RPG fan who needs a strong story to keep you playing, even this definitive version won't be satisfying. On the other hand, if you usually skip through dialogue just to get to the next battle, you'll love this game's unique blend of character-building and combat.
  18. With a robust and varied Job system that adds countless customization options, new dungeons and Jobs, and the portability of a handheld, Final Fantasy V is sure to keep even series veterans busy.
  19. 80
    Its age is starting to show, but the new additions added to this GBA remake make the trip back much more rewarding. An essential purchase for what is ideally a dead console.
  20. 80
    Ultimately, if you have plenty of time to sink into it and enjoy building characters as much as uncovering storyline, this is one of the best games available today.
  21. 80
    The new additions aren't anything mind-boggling, but the new jobs and the bonus dungeon certainly add some extra playtime, and the result is a lovingly ported game that can really pass the time.

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  1. Aug 2, 2013
    The job system for Final Fantasy V is comparably perfect to that of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. This is one of those games that I couldThe job system for Final Fantasy V is comparably perfect to that of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. This is one of those games that I could just play for hours and hours and never get sick of it. The story alone takes up a very large chunk of time, say nothing about hunting down the side-quest bosses. I love this game to pieces. Full Review »
  2. Dec 11, 2011
    Final Fantasy V stands out from most in that you have the ability to completely customize, mix and match your characters' classes, or "jobs",Final Fantasy V stands out from most in that you have the ability to completely customize, mix and match your characters' classes, or "jobs", similar to Final Fantasy III. You can have a Ninja, a Black Mage, a Knight, and a White Mage in your party, or you could just go quadruple Ninja. The choice is really yours. With every job, you also have the option to add an "ability" from another class. For example, if you unlock the White Magic ability from leveling up your White Mage, then you can use that ability with, say, a Samurai. So you now have a Samurai that can also cast White Magic. This creates a huge diversity to combat, with tons of different job/ability combinations, so you can really make your party unique. The combat is the highlight of the game, in my opinion.

    The story itself is a little cliché, but it's entertaining enough. One of my main gripes is that no major character development is really present, this is something that Final Fantasy IV handled so well. Overall, the story isn't bad by any means. The rest of the Final Fantasy series just rose the bar so high, this entry just can't quite reach it.

    The musical score is on par with the rest of the series, that is to say, it's fantastic. There are many memorable tracks. I never got sick of hearing the overworld theme, which is important, because you'll be spending a large amount of time there.

    If you consider yourself a Final Fantasy fan, or even just an RPG fan, I would highly recommend trying this one out. If you are looking for an epic story to immerse yourself in, then, while this game doesn't fail to deliver, there are other Final Fantasies that excel more in that area.

    9/10. Highly recommended.
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  3. Apr 10, 2015
    Game: Final Fantasy V Advance
    Genre: RPG
    Developer: Squareenix System: Gameboy Advance (GBA) Total Score: 88/100 Value Score: 88/10
    Game: Final Fantasy V Advance
    Genre: RPG
    Developer: Squareenix
    System: Gameboy Advance (GBA)
    Total Score: 88/100
    Value Score: 88/10

    • Story: 10/10
    • Characters: 9/10
    • GamePlay: 9/10
    • Graphics: 8/10
    • Sound: 7/10
    • Music: 10/10
    • Length: 8/10
    • Replay Value: 7/10
    • Player Value: 10/10

    +Improved graphical visuals
    +Four new jobs
    +Game was re-translated
    +A bestiary has been added
    +Quick save function
    +Music player which allows you to listen to the whole OST
    +A New 30 floor dungeon has been added filled with new weapons and enemies/bosses
    +Improvement over the porting unlike the GBA version - does not have the bugs or slow downs.

    -Grinding is still a major issue to the game despite being improved
    -Some enemies have fake targets which were added by mistake
    -Due to the fact it is on the GBA - the sound quality is worse than the original and PSX versions
    -Post game content not as in depth as FFIV Advance
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